Aguascalientes: A state full of places to discover

Iglesia de Aguascalientes al atardecer

If you are considering taking one of the flights to Aguascalientes, but you don´t really know what you can find in this small but great state, then we will give you a little guide of the place, so you can convince yourself to visit this tourist destination where you can relax and escape of the routine.

Andado turístico Calvillo en Aguascalientes

The State of Aguascalientes is located right in the geographic center of the Mexican Republic, the name of this city is given by the thermal waters on which it is located, which are also a tourist activity for all ages. Some are still in operation and open to the public for their enjoyment, providing benefits to physical and mental health due to their natural properties. Thanks to its geographical location and size, Aguascalientes enjoys a wide variety of activities and although more than one may come to think that there is not much to do here, to know more about the place we can see that it has much more to offer.

Although it is a small state, Aguascalientes has three magical towns, all no more than an hour by car or truck from the city center, each one focused on a specific type of tourism and with activities for the whole family.

The magical town of Calvillo

Famous for its ‘chamucos’, a sweet bread of texture between soft and crunchy, its exquisite guavas, as well as the food, liqueurs and drinks derived from it, because thanks to its location and climatic conditions this fruit that turns out to be the badge of Calvillo, abounds in the region. Here you can also enjoy nature in its dam where one can relax in the multiple places that offer temazcal service.

Real de Asientos

Another of the magical towns of Aguascalientes, where you can find underground tunnels of 60 meters in length, which you can visit to admire paintings from the colonial era. Since then they have been kept underground, some even from the eighteenth century, in addition to enjoying these cultural attractions, the place has tours to some historical sites, such as the famous “Casa Larrañaga”, old house that came to belong to one of the founders of the town. Another of its attractions is an elevated aqueduct that also dates back to the 18th century, made of stone that remains firm until these days.

Vista de Real de Asientos en Aguascalientes

San José de Gracia

This will be your favorite place if you want to find tourist activities related to adventure, since its main attraction are its ecotourism activities. Since here you can venture into boat trips, launch from a zip line in the adventure park “Boca de Túnel” or just walk the cold mountain range and its ranches with beautiful views and unique sunsets that both distinguish Aguascalientes.

Due the towns are quite close to the capital of the state, it is highly recommended to stay in this to be able to make the most of the flights to Aguascalientes and travel each of them while we also travel the city and fall in love with this colonial city.


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A totally pet friendly beach

Pet friendly beach

If you are one of those people that enjoys watching run, swim and jump to your furry best friend, then it is time to prepare your bags and take one of the flights to Cancun to do all these things in Coral Beach, which is also known as “El Mirador II” which is proud to say that it was the first pet friendly beach in Latin America.

More and more people adopt their pets as a member of the family, so they look for places where they can take them with, looking for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and even beaches. In the case of Quintana Roo, there are more and more places where dogs are accepted and beaches couldn´t be left behind, but unfortunately in Cancun dogs are not allowed on most public beaches, however, Coral beach is the exception that almost nobody knows. The last public beach that Cancun has, located after km 32 of the hotel zone and the only beach for dogs and pets.

Dog at pet friendly beach
It is true that many of the beaches around the world can be accompanied by your pet without any complications, but this doesn´t mean they are really accepted, Coral beach allows access with animals without any problems, accepting the entry of dogs, cats, ferrets and even more exotic ones. This pet friendly beach, in addition to having the Blue Flag certificate, an award given to beaches that meet environmental and installation conditions, has a specific maintenance service and material resources to accept your pets, of course, of bathroom services, showers, palapas and special trash cans for dog waste. As few people know of this beach, it is common to be empty, having as visitors up to 10 people per day, which makes it a very quiet beach for tourists and locals to enjoy this place with their dogs and pets in general.

An essential condition for the use of the beach is the commitment acquired by its owners on the obligation to collect feces and waste that the pet could deposit on the sand, only in this way it will be possible to give a healthy and clean aspect in that leisure space. For the benefit of the dogs, it has been adapted with palapas, sun loungers, showers, bathrooms; the parking for cars and bicycles was remodeled, as well as the restoration of a part of wood that was placed for lifeguards and signage. In addition, a playground has been installed for these faithful friends of man.

dog and owner walking at pet friendly beach

Coral beach should head the list of places to visit with your pet, because what better than taking one of the flights to Cancun and enjoy this paradise with your best friend. Counting on the best facilities, the most amazing landscapes and the quality of the people, so that the two have a totally spectacular time while also taking hundreds of photos in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean to remember for a long time of those trip with the best company.

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Beaches for everyone in Cancun

If you consider yourself a great admirer of sunrises and sunsets on the beach, you can´t miss the opportunity that flights to Cancun Mexico offer you to live these experiences in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, because turquoise blue and emerald green that characterize it are confused with the color of the sky on the horizon. Here we present the best beaches from where, in addition to seeing these natural spectacles, you can also spend a day playing in its fine sand, enjoy a refreshing drink or taste the dishes offered by the wide variety of bars and restaurants.

Delfines Beach or “El Mirador”

This beach is the most visited by tourists and its inhabitants, it is ideal to take a bit of sun and admire the sea from its rock banks. Due to its strong waves, it is not recommended for swimming, although if you manage your swimming skills well you will be able to enjoy its waves without any problem. The place has a large population of iguanas and lots of vegetation.

Nizuc Beach

This is the only beach in Cancun that has a schedule to go with pets, from 6 to 11 in the morning and although it is 32 kilometers from the hotel zone, it is worth visiting to enjoy a jog or a walk with your pet. Obviously if you plan to take your dog, it is necessary that he go with his collar, leash and you must carry enough bags to collect his stool and not ruin the cleanliness of the place. The access is very easy because of its proximity to the park “Wet & Wild”, so you take the road that takes you to this and just in front, you will see the access.

Ballenas Beach

It is located between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, at kilometer 14 of the hotel zone and has an excellent view and a pleasant swell that represents a good alternative to enjoy the sea. The facilities are ideal to relax, and although it is a quiet beach, you must be careful when entering the sea because the currents can be dangerous.

Chac Mol Beach

It is a calm and pleasant beach as long as there is no red flag, since it is tempting to get away due to the shallow depth of its waters and the currents can be dangerous. It is located at kilometer 10 of the hotel zone; the access is on the side of the restaurant Mr. Frogs and has parking, bathrooms, showers and some palapas for sunbathing. The waves can be moderate to intense and ideal for sports such as parasailing, boarding sailing and water skiing.

Langosta Beach

This is another of the most famous beaches of Cancun, has a pier where the services of transfer to Isla Mujeres depart. It is a very beautiful beach with a gentle swell that will allow you to swim or enjoy the wonderful views that this magical corner of the Mexican Caribbean offers you to spend perfect days. Therefore, if your intention is to enjoy the sea, the sun and the white sand, you must prepare everything to choose between flights to Cancun Mexico and just worry about marking the route to know the different beaches of the place.

Cozumel, the island with everything necessary to be called paradise

Cozumel beach view

Cozumel has become one of the best tourist sites that Mexico has, and all this thanks to a series of characteristics that have taken it by the hand for many years so that today it presumes to be the paradise to which everyone wants to go. In addition, taking any of the flights to Cozumel has become one of the must-see trips for every traveler who loves beaches.

Cozumel resort view beach

The best access routes

Cozumel is an island located in the Mexican Caribbean where it can be reached by sea or air, so it has its own International Airport. The port of Cozumel is one of the most important tourist destinations for both national and international cruises, due to its modern and efficient port infrastructure that houses three international cruise terminals on the same island. One of the busiest is the Maritime Terminal of San Miguel where the ferries arrive from Playa del Carmen.

Beach Cozumel

An excellent city with classic essence

In Cozumel, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a first world city, thanks to its boutiques, cafes, craft shops and restaurants. In addition, this Mexican paradise has a large number of exclusive jewelers that give it an even more special touch. But this doesn´t confuse you, because Cozumel is a quiet destination with a picturesque essence, because walking along its boardwalk you can find sculptures and monuments that show you its tradition of diving, because if this island is well known internationally it is for the practice of diving, there are even schools where visitors can be certified, this tradition emerged in 1961 thanks to Jacques Cousteau, declared to Cozumel one of the most spectacular sites to dive.

Snorkel at cozumel

A natural and historical wealth

One of the best qualities that this destination of the Mexican Caribbean has is its transparent turquoise waters, thanks to this it is also a perfect place for snorkeling and diving, as marine life is observed in its entire splendor. It has a large number of beaches to submerge in the reefs and you can find all kinds of specialists. In fact, Cozumel doesn´t have extensive beaches because the rocky area predominates, so it is necessary to respect each of its spaces, being an island you can also enjoy the jungle or visit the botanical gardens that are here. In addition, you can swim with dolphins and visit an incredible beach that is known as a sea turtle sanctuary. Cozumel also has a historical legacy because more than 36 Mayan cities were built, which to date are open to the public, such as El Cedral, an area in the jungle where the oldest structure of an archaeological site is located.

Scuba daving

This Island, far from being a place where you couldn´t find what to do, becomes a paradise by offering a destination where you can do almost any beach activity with the best natural scenery, so the flights to Cozumel not only show us a Caribbean paradise , also lets us know a perfect city for everyone.

Enjoy Los Cabos with your children

Los cabos sunset view

Take any of the flights to Los Cabos with children is a very fun experience from the perspective of family tourism, this due to the large number of places and activities that this city has for each member of the family to feel in place ideal to rest. Undoubtedly, Los Cabos is perfect for those who are looking for a place that has various cultural, natural and historical treasures, but also different entertainment options for children. In addition, it has the advantage that the best hotels in Los Cabos are especially recommended for the total entertainment of children from 4 to 12 years, this due to its proximity to the safest and most beautiful beaches, thanks to these qualities can be known and take advantage completely and without risks, the different attractions of this fascinating place.

Kayak in Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos hotels have many activities

Parents who want to go out and have fun, can take advantage of the babysitting service offered by several prestigious hotels in Los Cabos, so they can visit places near the hotel not so suitable for children and spend a pleasant evening as a couple, knowing that the little ones are well cared for and entertained. Other hotels in Los Cabos have designed activity clubs so that the children of vacationers live in different activities that seek to educate about marine preservation and ecology so that in the future they will be the most responsible tourists, all this while parents can enjoy the Hotel facilities and relax a moment in the pool.

Los cabos, hotel view

Nothing like being surrounded by beautiful nature

In Los Cabos several attractions are offered for small travelers, for example, sightings and swimming with dolphins, boat trips through the waters of the Sea of Cortez, the practice of diving and snorkeling, the expeditions through the desert where cactus of enormous size grow and many more activities that let us know the rich biodiversity of this region of Mexico. All these recreational dynamics, besides being a source of great entertainment, favor family coexistence and strengthen the bond between parents and children creating memories that will last forever.

Los cabos, nature

The gastronomy of the place will leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth

On the other hand, parents of young children have in the gastronomic options of Los Cabos, a guarantee to satisfy the taste and needs of children, because it is a tourist destination of excellence worldwide, in Los Cabos you can taste dishes of the best international cuisine, as well as the most traditional Mexican specialties. Therefore, parents have a large menu of meal options to offer children as tasty and healthy foods.

Postal view of los cabos

All the above only confirms why the flights to Los Cabos are ideal for traveling with children and so let them enjoy such a beautiful and unique place where they will spend days of real family fun, while at the same time they learn to take care of the planet and so keep it for much longer.

Guadalajara, a city with the best tourist atmosphere

Cathedral of Guadalajara air view

Some would think that the flights to Guadalajara are limited only to know its historical center and walk through its streets, which are a small trip to the past of a classic city, to reach its squares and continue admiring each of the most representative buildings of the city. However, when we arrive in this city we also get close to many other places where time can fly by.

Lady with artesanians in Mexico Tlaquepaque

Tequila Route

Experience the sensation of losing yourself among the blue agave fields, discover the origin of tequila, explore its factories, admire its agave landscape declared a natural heritage by UNESCO, in a tour of the typical villages of Tequila, Amatitan, Arenal Jalisco, where you will visit the agave fields and places that have become famous all over the world for their peculiarity. In this place, you will put into practice your skills as a tequila farmer.

Chapala Lake Ajijic

This is the largest natural lake in Mexico; enjoy the nature of the lagoon during a trip along the riverside route of Chapala, excellent weather and the typical village of Ajijic with its community of artists. In addition, you can get to know the gastronomy of Chapala in its typical rivereño restaurants and enjoy the typical ice creams with unique flavors while you contemplate the most extraordinary views of the lake that is surrounded by the Sierra del Tigre mountain range with its green mountains, valleys, and natural reserves.

Tonala and Tlaquepaque

Nothing like taking a walk through Tonala and ending up in Tlaquepaque, a place of wonderful Mexican handicrafts that adorn the Vatican squares, made with the sweat of artisans from this magical town, Mexico’s cultural heritage. Enjoy the tradition of this place, its art and folklore where you can see its wonderful artisans working to show the best of their art in their handicrafts tianguis, here you will find from ceramics, blown glass, furniture and exclusive decoration.

Artesanians on the town of Tlaquepaque and Tonalá

Explore the Volcano of Fire

If you want to explore the corners of this active volcano, you must first know Comala, Guadalajara a magical town of the most beautiful in the region for its white houses and red tile roofs. It is a beautiful, harmonious, feminine place, with a unique energy and with colors, smells and flavors that will make you put to work all the senses. Getting to this place is quite simple and here you will find the perfect guide for your journey.

Gastronomic tour

Something that is unmissable when visiting this city is to take a gastronomic tour, to taste the rich regional food and know the typical neighborhoods where you can eat the perfect Torta Ahogada, taste the delicious meat in its juice and of course, try the best Tequila in the best mariachi house. This tour is not just about eating, as you will also know more about the history of the city, its culture, architecture and entertainment of the sites you visit.

Therefore, you know, flights to Guadalajara go beyond historic buildings and old streets, the city has everything to spend a few pleasant days and its surroundings also offer unique experiences of its kind.

Ideal destinations to travel through Mexico with children

Where to go when travel with children

Traveling with the youngest of the home can be tedious if you don´t plan your destination well and the activities that can be done in the destination, that is why to make your life easier, we have compiled a list with the best Mexican destinations to travel with children. Destinations which could save you time and money resulting in some of the best cheap flights to Mexico, in places where you and your children can enjoy your vacations with fun activities and places to explore.

Xcaret in Quintana Roo

Full of blue water eyes, emerald walls and a Mayan atmosphere, Xcaret is an ancestral paradise perfect for the whole family; this is due to its different areas and the wide variety of tourist activities. Here you can find a wonderful underground river, a bird farm, a butterfly farm and reef aquariums, a place where you can also do activities like snorkeling, meet huge turtles and enjoy various shows throughout the year.

Xcaret, cenotes, Mexico


This beautiful capital has a wide variety of activities ranging from theaters and concerts, to great and fun outdoor shows, such as the puppet festival that takes place during November in San Miguel de Allende. Another amazing place that your children will love is La Nave in Celaya, it is an interactive museum where your children will know about the space and have fun with science workshops, during the afternoon you can walk through its streets full of historic buildings to enjoy a site full of colors, ideal for your children to relax and sleep deeply.

Africam Safari in Puebla

Located on the outskirts of the city of Puebla, Africam Safari is a refuge that offers lots of fun for children and adults. This famous conservation park has huge outdoor areas where your children can be close to the more than two thousand five hundred animals that roam freely. You will also find areas where you can take part in ecological activities and live shows.

Jirafes at African Safari, Puebla

The Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Veracruz

This reserve starts from the northeast edge of the Catemaco lagoon and expands to reach the Gulf of Mexico; it is one of the best destinations for children and teenagers who love adventure and nature. Its great variety of ecosystems allows you to learn from loving and caring for the planet. The best thing is that in the reserve you will find many activities such as kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, hiking in the forest, learning about traditional Mexican medicine and reforestation.

Guacamayas at The Tuxtlas

Monterrey, Nuevo León

In Monterrey, you will find many options for the little ones to have fun, from exploring the majesty of the Huasteca Canyon, to enjoying a day of safari in Bioparque. You should also visit the Fundidora Park, where you can rent bicycles to admire the view from their viewpoints or visit the Oven 3 where the Steel Museum is located. There are also boat rides that run through Santa Lucia until you reach the Macroplaza.

Cheap flights to Mexico don´t have to be synonymous with boredom for the little ones, since they will find pretty fun places where besides having fun, they can also learn about environmental conservation.

Mexico, a land of pyramids and storys about

Pyramids of Mexico

The pyramids, for a long time have been a mystery for researchers, who even today are still giving a lot of material to learn more and more about the cultures that developed around them. In Mexico there are quite a few pyramids that were built by great ancient cultures, so if you are a lover of all that involves touring this type of ancient places, you should start consulting the different Mexican airlines for the different available destinations so you can get to know the most important pyramids in Mexico.

Pyramid of the Fortune teller

This is a Mayan construction located in the ancient archaeological site of Uxmal, in the state of Yucatan, also known as the pyramid of the “sorcerer” or the “dwarf”. It was built in stone and in harmony with other buildings of the place, it is said that it was the work of a wizard dwarf who raised it to 35 meters high with a base of 54 meters in just one day, this character would have been born from an egg found by a witch in Uxmal.

Pyramid Fortune Teller, Uxmal

Temple of Kukulkan

This is another Mayan work also from the state of Yucatan, but in the remains of the pre-Hispanic city of Chichén Itzá. Its architectural characteristics are similar to that of the royal castles of the Europe of the Middle Ages, which is why it is believed to be the reason why the Spaniards called it “El Castillo” when it was found in the 15th century. The pre-Hispanic building of the twelfth century is 24 meters high from its base of 55 meters and reaches 30 meters if you count the tempo at its tip.

Kukulkan Pyramid, stairs

Temple of the Inscriptions

This is the highest pyramid and of greater historical relevance in the archaeological zone of Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, the construction of the “House of the Nine Sharp Lances” as it is also known, is attributed to the kingdom of culture Maya to praise the then village chief, Pakal “the Great.” Its construction also had as objective to protect its body when dying, its height from the base is of 22.8 meters and is constructed in stone painted of red, yellow and blue colors, in the highest where was the tomb of the corpse of Pakal.

Pyramid B of Tula

In the archaeological zone of Tula in the city of Hidalgo, you will find one of the most particular pyramids of Mexico because of the huge Atlanteans that guard its summit. Pyramid B of Tula is made up of 5 pyramidal formations, where there are pillars in the form of Toltec warriors known by Atlanteans. At the top are venerations to the God Quetzalcoatl, so it is believed that there was a temple at the top and the pyramid was used to worship one of the greatest pre-Hispanic gods.

Although some of these pyramids are more popular than others, the historical importance they have for the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations is the same, and these are just some of the many you can admire, so choose among the preferred Mexican airlines and know some of these iconic places.

Mexico, the ideal place for couples

Sayulita´s street at afternoon. Mexico

Most couples are always looking for good places to enjoy the beauties of life, practice adventure sports, try tasty things and have great nightlife. It is for this reason that we want to share some of the perfect destinations to enjoy as a couple and that should definitely be considered in the following airline tickets to Mexico that want to buy, so this way, they will make your next holiday or weekend getaway, a lovely and unforgettable trip.

Sayulita, Nayarit

The Bay of Banderas is one of the most exciting beach destinations of the Riviera Nayarit and among its beach villages, Sayulita stand out. Here couples have a lot to do on the main beach, as this is excellent for surfing, and if you feel some pressure to be beginners, in the arenal there are some schools with great instructors that will teach you in a short time the tricks to start with success in the discipline. In addition, here you can board a boat that will take you to a fun ride through the Bay of Banderas and snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and canoeing sites.

Sayulita magical town

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

This city has become one of the most appreciated destinations for couples because of its beautiful, warm and clean beaches. The tourist presentation letter of Cabo San Lucas is the natural monument El Arco and Playa del Amor, El Arco is an arched opening that is the most photographed point of Los Cabos, while Playa del Amor is a beautiful place with full waters of small fish and sea lions that rest comfortably in the distance. In addition, the desert scenarios of the municipality of Los Cabos offer the opportunity to mount on a camel with your partner to make one of the most exciting rides that you can imagine.

Los Cabos, Mexico sea

Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo

This place is one of the most dazzling tourist sites in the Caribbean Sea, as they have beautiful turquoise blue waters. In the place, they offer all the beach entertainments and their restaurants are ready to accommodate any request from visitors. In addition, if you want to go shopping, take a walk or look for something to eat, the best place in Playa del Carmen is the Quinta Avenida, with exclusive shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants and many attractions along the way.

Playa del carmen

The Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí

The Huasteca Potosina is a paradise of waters and spectacular landscapes that will delight any couple, Huasteca civilization developed in a vast territory that today belongs to six Mexican states. However, San Luis Potosí is the entity most closely identified with the culture of the Huastecos, it is a vast mountainous area that touches 20 Potosí municipalities, dotted with lakes and watered by rivers that form beautiful waterfalls and large natural pools.

These are just some of the destinations that could be marked on your next airline tickets to Mexico, where you can spend a moment of true growth as a couple since you won´t only enjoy good services but you will discover many things together.

San Luis Potosí, river

Natural secrets of Chihuahua

Peguis Canyon is 25 miles south of the Texas, in Mexico

The state of Chihuahua, among its diverse places to know, protects certain natural points that are unique in their kind and that are few frequented by tourists. Because of that, today we will talk about 2 places that you should know the next time you are about to board one of the flights to Chihuahua and want to discover something new, since beyond offering a tourist place, they will show you a place to remember.

The Pegüis canyon, a beautiful abyss

This place is one of the most emblematic natural works of the desert area of the state of Chihuahua, unknown by many but visited by adventurers in search of new emotions. It is located near Ojinaga Chihuahua and takes its name from the bird of the same name that lives in this place and this work of nature has limestone walls up to 200 meters high. Here you can see various cave paintings, which indicates the human presence thousands of years ago, in addition the canyon has a large area known as El Salto, this large area is perfect for a tour of about 50 minutes to finish giving you a dip in some of its nearby graves. We recommend you avoid visiting this place during the hot season due to extreme temperatures, it is best to know it between the months of April to October.

Peguis Canyon at summer, Chihuahua

Lake Arareco, a mirror of water from a dream.

The Arareco Lake is located within the Sierra Tarahumara and not far from the Magical Town of Creel, belongs to the Bocoyna municipality, being actually a U-shaped dam that protects the waters of two rivers, this refers to its name In Rarámuri or Tarahumara, Arareco is translated into Spanish as the word “horseshoe”. One of the many reasons why Arareco Lake is beautiful, is that it is surrounded by trees, specifically of different species of pine trees, which makes the environment in this place has a pleasant aroma, also its blue waters take a color even more intense when they reflect the sky during a clear day. If you plan to camp at the Arareco Lake, we recommend you to stay warm, because at night and in the mornings it is covered in fog completely.

The Arareco lake, a beautiful landscape

It is the ideal place for this activity to be a place away from everything, but if you want something a little more comfortable you can also rent cabins to spend the night in an indoor place surrounded by tranquility. Keep in mind that, during the winter, the temperatures in the Arareco Lake can go down to -20 degrees and although it can be quite an impressive sight to see these forests and waters full of white snow, it is preferable and for safety, to visit it in summer.

Don´t wait any longer to know these corners of the state that guard an huge beauty, plan ahead and check the flights to Chihuahua, give yourself the opportunity to spend some unique moments surrounded by nature. Challenge yourself a bit with the challenges that these places offer you with their sports and take home the best memories of these special places.