Natural secrets of Chihuahua

Peguis Canyon is 25 miles south of the Texas, in Mexico

The state of Chihuahua, among its diverse places to know, protects certain natural points that are unique in their kind and that are few frequented by tourists. Because of that, today we will talk about 2 places that you should know the next time you are about to board one of the flights to Chihuahua and want to discover something new, since beyond offering a tourist place, they will show you a place to remember.

The Pegüis canyon, a beautiful abyss

This place is one of the most emblematic natural works of the desert area of the state of Chihuahua, unknown by many but visited by adventurers in search of new emotions. It is located near Ojinaga Chihuahua and takes its name from the bird of the same name that lives in this place and this work of nature has limestone walls up to 200 meters high. Here you can see various cave paintings, which indicates the human presence thousands of years ago, in addition the canyon has a large area known as El Salto, this large area is perfect for a tour of about 50 minutes to finish giving you a dip in some of its nearby graves. We recommend you avoid visiting this place during the hot season due to extreme temperatures, it is best to know it between the months of April to October.

Peguis Canyon at summer, Chihuahua

Lake Arareco, a mirror of water from a dream.

The Arareco Lake is located within the Sierra Tarahumara and not far from the Magical Town of Creel, belongs to the Bocoyna municipality, being actually a U-shaped dam that protects the waters of two rivers, this refers to its name In Rarámuri or Tarahumara, Arareco is translated into Spanish as the word “horseshoe”. One of the many reasons why Arareco Lake is beautiful, is that it is surrounded by trees, specifically of different species of pine trees, which makes the environment in this place has a pleasant aroma, also its blue waters take a color even more intense when they reflect the sky during a clear day. If you plan to camp at the Arareco Lake, we recommend you to stay warm, because at night and in the mornings it is covered in fog completely.

The Arareco lake, a beautiful landscape

It is the ideal place for this activity to be a place away from everything, but if you want something a little more comfortable you can also rent cabins to spend the night in an indoor place surrounded by tranquility. Keep in mind that, during the winter, the temperatures in the Arareco Lake can go down to -20 degrees and although it can be quite an impressive sight to see these forests and waters full of white snow, it is preferable and for safety, to visit it in summer.

Don´t wait any longer to know these corners of the state that guard an huge beauty, plan ahead and check the flights to Chihuahua, give yourself the opportunity to spend some unique moments surrounded by nature. Challenge yourself a bit with the challenges that these places offer you with their sports and take home the best memories of these special places.