La Ribera de Chapala, a must-see in Jalisco

Chapala lake


It is true that when we take one of the flights to Guadalajara the options to spend our days are enough, because this beautiful capital of Jalisco gives us a perfect point to come and go between its diverse populations that are ideal to get out of the routine or simply to rest. And less than an hour from Guadalajara, is the majestic Lake of Chapala, which is one of the largest in Mexico, in front of it we can travel the Ribera of Chapala, which is formed by a set of villages full of magic, so then we show you some of the things you can do in this paradise of the state of Jalisco.

The climate is ideal with medium and high temperatures most of the year, the vegetation is abundant and the kindness of the people is incomparable, in this way it is very common to find cars with license plates from Arizona, Mexico City, California or from Jalisco. Real estate companies that sell properties to foreigners abound in the streets and bilingual services are the order of the day.

Life in the streets is still a traditional Jalisco town, however, there are details that make it different from all the others, such as in shops and galleries, where it is common to find handmade crafts by locals, but also paintings and sculptures by some European artist.


Many things to do in the Ribera

One of the most important attractions of the Ribera de Chapala is the great variety of water sports and extreme that can be done there, so you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to practice water skiing. It has options for both beginners and professionals, including international tournaments in this category, in addition to instructors and specialized tracks for it.

Being in the Ribera of Chapala, don´t forget to visit the most important wixárica ceremonial center in Mexico, it is the Isla de los Alacranes, where according to Huichol beliefs, the origin of life was given. You can also visit the Presidio Island, known as Isla de Mezcala, and recognized by its Church of the Assumption.

Mezcala Island


The towns that you can´t miss


Don´t hesitate to visit the town of Ajilic, which is a place with a lot of color, its thatched roofs and walls with so many nuances house bars, restaurants and galleries with crafts of its people. You can also take a dip in the thermal waters of San Juan Cósala, achieving absolute relaxation in its spas.


Finally, if there is something you definitely shouldn´t miss from the Ribera of Chapala, it is from its very varied and delicious cuisine, you can taste a juicy birria in Jocotepec where they also sell delicious carafe ice creams, with unique flavors. On the other hand, if you want to buy wooden furniture of excellent quality, then don´t hesitate to visit Ocotlán where you will find truly artistic pieces of furniture.

Tequila Agave


Take advantage of the flights to Guadalajara and give yourself the pleasure of knowing these places, which together form one of the must-see places in Jalisco that must be visited with great care, since you could decide to stay to live there.

Mazatlan a sports ground

Beach Melfork


Renowned for its 20 kilometers of warm beaches, exquisite cuisine, 7 kilometers of spectacular Malecón, the tallest natural lighthouse in the world, the Carnival with the greatest tradition in Mexico, cradle of traditional band music and the most important Historic Center of the northwest, Mazatlan is considered a beach destination par excellence. Thanks to its extraordinary location, in the Pearl of the Pacific you can perform many sports, among which are fishing, golf and surfing as the main ones, some of these sports are even the biggest reason why people take one of the many flights to Mazatlan, as well as being a perfect city to rest, it is also to spend exciting moments in each of them.


Sport Fishing is unique in its kind

Mazatlan is recognized in the sport fishing environment as the largest fish trap in the world, since the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez join there, leading to the formation of the largest fish bank in the country. It has a large number of species such as pelagic, marlin and tuna, even coastal species. The ideal places to do freshwater fishing in Mazatlan are the Picachos Dam and the El Salto Dam.


The best golf courses in Mexico

It is the sport in Mazatlan with great followers for having the golf courses that are among the best in the country for the artisanal care of the grass and a beautiful view of the sea, that make the experience of playing golf in the destination unique. Some golf courses where experts can play or practice this fascinating sport in Mazatlan are El Cid Resorts, Estrella del Mar, Club Campestre, Marina Mazatlan and Pacific Golf Center. Among those that are considered first class are El Cid Resorts, designed by Lee Treviño, Estrella del Mar, a project by Robert Tren Jones Jr. and Marina Mazatlan, designed by the famous architect David Flemming, they have made several tournaments national and international as their extensions make them very challenging.


Golf at beach

Here you can ride perfect waves

Mazatlan is one of the tourist places of Mexico, ideal for surfing because of its extraordinary waves and its warm sea. Professionals of water sports, both national and foreign, live a great experience on their beaches so that on several occasions has been carried out “The National Surfing Games”, for having the air and land connectivity to the main cities of the country , in addition to meeting the demands for such an important event. Likewise, the place allows surfers to practice some kite surfing, and the destination has wonderful beaches where waves can break to the right, to the left or to both sides.

The Pearl of the Pacific has developed various land and water sports for the enjoyment of its visitors, in addition to offering first class hotels, restaurants with excellent cuisine, the warmth of the inhabitants and excellent terrestrial, air and sea connectivity, so there is no pretext not to search between the many flights to Mazatlan and enjoy the best experience.

The famous Marietas Islands

Playa escondida
Marietas Island


The flights to Puerto Vallarta allow us to know natural places with a unique beauty, that is why today we will talk about one in particular, the Marietas Islands, a protected natural area and now regulated by the Mexican authorities, since by becoming viral through social networks, at some point it had to close its doors to the public in order to continue conserving its natural characteristics.

An urban legend tells that during the Second World War, the Mexican army was bombing in this small archipelago located in the Bay of Banderas, known as the Marietas Islands. We do not know how true it is, but the truth is that in the place you can see natural caverns whose rocks look like burned, and in one of these small volcanic islands is Escondida beach, one of the most spectacular in Mexico. Something we can assure you is that this place has become famous thanks to its peculiar beauty.

The Marietas Islands are located 35 km from Puerto Vallarta, home to migratory and continental marine birds; here is the largest population worldwide of bobos birds with yellow legs, brown and blue. Its Marine Park protects in total 44 species of flora and fauna, several of them in danger of extinction, for what is also considered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

If you are a traveler who likes to practice ecotourism, travel with your family or romantic plan, in Marietas Islands you can find a refuge for birdwatching and the marine life of Banderas Bay, you can practice scuba diving, have fun snorkeling and admire lots of underwater landscapes full of life and color, as well as of course, know its romantic hidden beach.

From Puerto Vallarta, there is a tour that takes you in a few minutes to the Marietas, during the whale-watching season you can see the whales swimming and emerging in the surroundings, which makes it even more spectacular.


Escondida beach or Amor beach

This beach in addition to the flora, fauna and marine life that surrounds the Marietas Islands, is the main attraction of the place, and as its name says, it is not at first sight, because to reach it you have to go swimming in a tunnel rocky of approximately 45 meters. Sometimes it is impossible to reach it since the tide is high and the tunnel is flooded, but if you run with luck, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches that you can meet in Mexico. This beach, like the whole place, is also a protected natural area, so we must help to preserve it so that it can remain a sanctuary open to all.

beach of love
Amor Beach


When you choose any of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, don´t forget to take a tour of the Marietas Islands, this incredible gift of nature, and reflect on how taking care of our natural areas can reward us with scenarios like these, which are unique in their kind.

Cancun, a perfect destination for the little ones

City of cancun Quintana Roo
Cancun beach


Many are the tourists who take one of the many flights to Cancun Mexico looking to spend days of true adventure, party and rest. However others, just looking to spend a few days in family where the most important thing is comfort, security and entertainment, features that some of the hotels in this city can perfectly satisfy, that’s why these are the best hotels for all family in Cancun, where each member will pass it perfectly.


Crown Paradise Club for adventurers

This hotel has an aquatic park so great that it attracts attention from the moment you arrive at the hotel, the aquatic fun dresses as a pirate and invites all the crew to get on the big boat that is inside the pool. It has nine perfect slides for children under 12 to spend hours and hours of fun, while for the largest there are two long and fast slides, plus a sand court to play volleyball, a wall to climb and two zip lines. Although if you need a little more adventure, the hotel will surprise you with boats, sailboats and kayaks.


Royal Solaris, one of the best hotels for children in Cancun

Royal Solaris is totally a paradise for children, since they have a wide range of activities, from making a piñata, taking a drawing class, participating in games in the pool and even live shows. At the Mini Club, there is everything to keep them smiling all day and also adults; there are always supervisors near the slides that will be taking care of younger guests.


Acuatic park cancun
Playing ground

Panama Jack Resorts, the hotel to keep children happy

Panama Jack Resorts is the all-inclusive for a fun-filled getaway right in the center of Cancun’s hotel zone. Camp Jack is the place where the protagonists are children with countless cool activities and adventures such as water sports, beach games, crafts and magic night shows, also has a water park with a medieval castle and even a pirate ship. The place also has 7 slides, 2 splash zones and a family pool.


Cancun kids
Children playing at beach

Paradisus Cancun, a colorful paradise for children

This is a luxury hotel for adults and a fun paradise for the little ones, since they have many games to spend the day entertained, their slides, trampolines, their kids club and such large and colorful facilities, make it one of the best hotels for children in Cancun. The club is available every day with activities for children from 4 to 12 years, the activities of the club for children don´t have an extra cost as they are part of the all-inclusive of this place.

As you can see, there are several options so that the flights to Cancun Mexico as a family are a success and everyone will enjoy days of pure fun, from the smallest to the adults, enjoy this beautiful place completely. These are just some of the many good options in which you should only worry about relaxing, since fun is guaranteed.

Traveling to Mexico is the best investment



They say that traveling is the only thing you buy and it enriches you, something that is very true since after a trip you have too many unique experiences. Therefore, when you get some of the airline tickets to Mexico, you are undoubtedly making one of the best investments; however, if you don´t believe us, stay to find out why.


Generate permanent experiences

Buying things is associated with well-being, however, the experiences offered by traveling to Mexico generate memories that, unlike material things, won´t become obsolete nor will they stop working, since the activities carried out during a trip are much more valuable than an object.


It makes you more independent

From planning to move in an unknown city or place, it encourages people to become more organized. In addition, motivates to pay attention to all the details and be alert at all times, this helps the development of people and makes them more independent, since they are the ones who make their own decisions.


Enrich your general culture

Each destination and each country have a unique culture, so investing in travel is equivalent to investing in knowing new cultures, customs and traditions. Something, in which Mexico stands out from any other place in the world, is the wealth with which it counts in these aspects, since its regions are as diverse as culturally rich.


Gain confidence

Going on a trip means leaving the routine and facing new experiences, being the only one responsible for the actions taken strengthens the confidence in oneself, it is also the motivation to leave the comfort zone of everyday life and discover what else It is waiting for us outside.


Expands the perspective of the world

Knowledge about the history of a place, its culture, its inhabitants and its customs, make people see the world from a different perspective, in other words broaden your horizons, something that changes people forever and in a positive way. This is because it makes them better by accepting other people and being more empathetic with the differences of others.


You know new people

Being in a totally new and unknown place, it will be necessary to socialize and often talk with the local people, in addition to letting you know better the cultural of the place, it gives you information about where to eat or how to get to a specific point. In addition to serving to have useful information about the place, meeting new people and having a good friendship will help in the planning of new trips.

best friends
Making new friends

Know yourself

Going on a trip implies taking a break from the routine, which allows you to clarify the mind and reflect, this allows people to value what they have, their goals and the actions they are taking to carry them out, which helps to work in the strengths and weaknesses of oneself to improve as a person.

Now, taking these points into account, we can see that a trip is much more than a simple entertainment experience, because the lessons learned when traveling are forever. This is why saving money to get airline tickets to Mexico, which is a destination with so much to know, will be the best investment of all.

San Luis Potosi, a state full of things to discover

Hacienda de Bocas

Few are the travelers that take one of the flights to San Luis Potosi and decide to cross it from head to toe, because the state has many places to visit. We are talking about places where if something is sure, it is that you won´t get bored, so pay attention to these that we will mention and we hope you decide to go through this beautiful state.


City of San Luis Potosí

Beginning with the capital city, declared in 2010 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the capital of the state has a beautiful and cozy historic center, and during the holidays this city is not so crowded, and is ideal to explore it with tranquility.


Real de Catorce

It was originally a mining town and is currently a tourist town located in the heart of the Sierra de Catorce in the northern state of San Luis Potosí. If you want to visit it, you should bear in mind that during the night the temperature drops a lot in the desert, so we recommend you take a good jacket to withstand the cold of the night. The town practically seems to be a ghost place but precisely this calmness is what makes it very attractive for many.


City Valles

It is the second city in importance of the state, this because it is the center of trade and supply of the entire region, besides being one of the main producers of sugar in the country. This city is a strategic point to visit places like Micos waterfall, basement of the Guaguas, the Tampaón River, since from here you can go and come between these points with the best services.


Tamul Waterfall

This destination is usually full of people throughout the year, but if you decide to visit San Luis Potosí on summer vacation, you should know that you would find this waterfall with that characteristic turquoise color. Although the season doesn´t matter, we assure you that it will be equally impressive to see that drop of 105 meters, after all, it is the largest waterfall in the state.

Tamul waterfall
Tamul waterfall

Mantetzulel caves

Just 8 kilometers from Aquismon in San Luis Potosí, there are the lost caves of Mantetzulel, a protected natural area considered a national monument. There are four caves within the jungle that shelter an endless number of animal species and of course vegetables, inside each of the caves nature has created formations that they say represent animal guardians.


Half Moon Lagoon

In the municipality of Río Verde, is one of the main natural attractions of the state, which owes its name to the fact that the entire body of water forms a half moon. The temperature of the water is so warm that when you get to this place you will feel immense desire to get into the water, people who have dived in this lagoon have found pre-Hispanic pieces and even mammoth remains during their explorations.

Half moon lagoon
Half moon lagoon

Don´t be afraid of adventure and make the most of flights to San Luis Potosí, visiting these places and many more that protect a unique beauty that few travelers can presume to know.

Let the adrenaline flow in Monterrey

City of Monterrey at nightA view of Cerro de la silla in Monterrey

If you like nature and ecotourism, here is the list of the main things to do in Monterrey and its surroundings, perfect for a weekend getaway or to make the most of it when you take one of the flights to Monterrey. If you are visiting the city for business, you should know that the Regia capital is not just a destination for work, and will surprise you with the number of sites to discover, perfect for an adventure with the practice of canyoning, rappel, kayak, flight in zip line, paragliding and even hot air balloon in the surroundings of this city.


Challenge the mountains of Santiago by bicycle

Dare to live an adventure on mountain biking through paths that reach the monumental Cola de Caballo waterfall, travel the mountain roads of Nuevo León discovering the abundant nature found in these. You should know that there are two routes, the first also knowing the waterfall of the Miraculous Virgin and the second visiting El Socavón, the cave of the Indian and the eye of water of the Leona.


The highest bungee jump in Mexico

With a height of 70 meters, the Cola de Caballo bungee is the highest in Mexico and has become one of the things to do in Monterrey to release adrenaline to the fullest. It is located in the Sierra de Santiago, in Nuevo Leon, just half an hour from the capital, sheltered inside the Hotel Hacienda Cola de Caballo.

Bungee in Monterrey
Jumping man at Bungee in Cola de caballo Hotel


Fly in a balloon over the northern skies

Fly over the surroundings of Monterrey in a hot air balloon and see that nothing matches the intense color of the northern skies. Witness the wonderful sunrise in Montemorelos, just 45 minutes from the Regia capital and fly with whomever you want, either as a group or with your mate. All flights include a bottle of sparkling wine per balloon and medical insurance.


Explore the caves, a unique activity of its kind

In the surroundings of Monterrey there are, at least, a couple of good options where to put into practice our explorer gifts, first there is the most famous, Grottos de Garcia, with its 16 rock formation rooms with more than 60 million years. Later, we found the El Palmito Grottos in Bustamante, renowned for their endless wells and caverns, these places have been adapted with tourist walkways that allow you to explore its interior in complete safety.

Grottos in Bustamante Monterrey
Rock formation in bustamante monterrey


Realizes canyoning in Matacanes

In the Matacanes Canyon, it is one of the most visited natural refuges by regios and foreigners, with multiple challenges for canyon lovers, such as challenging waterfalls of between 1 and 12 meters. In addition, there are descents to rappel next to exciting waterfalls of 27 and 18 meters. The second descent leads to an underground river, where the current connects with a natural slide hidden in the dark, a bit of climbing and of course, hiking. They are also activities that are part of this journey.

If you have time to give a sword to any of these places, take the opportunity to meet these challenging sites that will give all flights to Monterrey a touch of adrenaline unique in its kind, it’s time to live the adventure to the fullest.

Playa del Carmen and its secret river

Secret river in mexico
Secret river in mexico
Río Secreto


Río Secreto is a place of supernatural beauty, hidden and perfectly preserved in the Riviera Maya, which you can meet in your next search for flights to Cancun, since to be exact, this is located in Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations that you can imagine.


The history of Río Secreto

An iguana that was persecuted by a farmer from a community near Playa del Carmen, disappeared among some rocks, the man who didn´t want to stay with the desire of the exquisite eggs and the tasty meat of the animal, removed the stones and in front his eyes, a river of crystalline waters appeared, which until then was secret. This was how Río Secreto was discovered in 2006, a thousand-year-old underground stream of great beauty. A group of explorers went into the cave and was surprised by the galleries that looked like palaces of glass and the halls with great rock formations that seemed to be taken from a fairy tale. Currently this wonderful nature reserve is visited by people from all over the world who seek to know the unique beauty of Río Secreto.


What to see in Río Secreto

The Rio Secreto tour is listed as one of the best experiences of “green” tourism, before entering the cave with the underground river, they will provide you with the necessary equipment according to the tour that will be carried out, as well as food rations and drinks. On the way, you will see beautiful sets of rock formations and listening to the guide’s explanations about how these structures took shape by accumulating millions of years of mineral salts in the waters. You must walk carefully to avoid slips and falls, also, for times you have to bend down to avoid natural obstacles, and sometimes you will have to float, because the water reaches above the knees.

You will see and feel the sounds of the fauna that inhabits the cavern, particularly bats, these animals are the only mammals that fly it and its echolocation system is so perfect that one will never shock you. Rio Secreto is a network of caverns and underground waters in constant exploration, so on your next visit you will surely find something new to see.


The restrictions to enter Río Secreto

Rio Secreto is managed by people with an almost obsessive concern for the preservation of the environment, and people who love nature can enjoy it no matter if it rains or if there is a radiant sun. The nature reserve is managed with strict conservationist controls, so you can´t enter with objects that can be lost, the use of cameras is restricted because the excessive use of artificial lighting disturbs the life of the local fauna, but by running out of photos don´t worry, as a photographer accompanies the tours. And the most important thing, only use biodegradable sunscreen and repelents.

Biodegradable sunscreen and repellent

The travel time between the center of the city of Playa Del Carmen and Rio Secreto is between seven and twelve minutes, this depends on the means of transport used, so it is a perfect place to discover in your next plan to choose one of the flights to Cancun.

The best places in Mexico to challenge nature


Extreme sports make us feel adrenaline in heaps and make us put our skills to the test, as well as practicing them gives us the opportunity to know some of the most beautiful tourist destinations that can be reached through Mexican airlines. If you are a lover of the most exciting sports, then continue reading the post to know more about the places you must visit to live them to the extreme.


Jalcomulco, Veracruz

The Veracruzano municipality of Jalcomulco is one of the best places in Mexico for rafting or river descent. The La Antigua River, which passes through the town before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico, has sectors of varying degrees of difficulty for you to have a great time descending at full speed through its turbulent waters. Other extreme sports that you can enjoy in Jalcomulco are climbing, rappelling, zip lining and mountain biking.


Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

This system of seven ravines, located in the Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, has extensions and depths greater than the Grand Canyon of Colorado. It is enough to go by train by the bridges that cross the ravines to feel a series of emotions and a lot of vertigo. In Barrancas del Cobre, you can do canyoning, climbing, rappelling, kayak descents and many other adventure entertainments. In the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park, you can travel in a cable car over an abyss of almost 1,900 meters with spectacular views and descend in a zip rider of more than 2.5 km, traveling at the incredible speed of 135 km / hour.


Cola de Caballo Waterfall, Nuevo León

This beautiful waterfall of 27 meters high is located in the Magical Town of Santiago; its peculiar name receives it due to the way in which the water falls, because it remembers the shape of the tail of a horse. On one side of the waterfall there is a platform 70 meters high for bungee jumping, which will get you to get adrenaline as ever, there are also 600 meters long zip lines that pass between great trees.

Basement of the Swallows, San Luis Potosí

It is one of the most impressive natural monuments in Mexico and is considered by many specialists as the most spectacular vertical cavern on the planet. It is located in the Potosina locality of Aquismon; it has a depth of 512 meters, and the entrance of the basement on the surface. It has a diameter of 60 meters and the cavity widens to reach in the background the area of three football fields, a mythical place among those who practice rappelling.


Peña de Bernal, Querétaro

The landscape of the Magical Town Queretano of Bernal is dominated by its imposing rock, the largest monolith in Mexico and the third in the world in size. The 288 meters high monolith and its volume are intimidating and the most expert rock climbers climb it with all the precautions, even veteran climbers recommend not to climb without the company of a connoisseur of the routes.

Peña de Bernal, Querétaro


Organize with your friends or family to live an adventure in one of these places that can be reached so easily by one of the Mexican airlines, and thus reach the limit with the funniest extreme entertainment in Mexico.