For example about a group of women in Chomutovska. They rise before dawn and wade through the tall, wet grass, using drones to search for hidden fawns before leaving for work. When they found them, they covered them with baskets and marked the place clearly so the farmers wouldn’t kill them with their lawnmowers.

Ambulance drivers in Brno have finished work and naturally want to relax. But she saw a strange-looking man behind the wheel in the store’s parking lot. He did not hesitate to open the car, provided the man with first aid and called an ambulance. He might save the life of a diabetic who had been paralyzed for maybe two hours.

What are left of the prisoners from all over the world who suffered and often died in the camps in Jesenice during the Second World War? Roman Janas devoted eighteen years of his life to them. Only thanks to him, the descendants of many of them now knew how their ancestors were doing back then.

In 1968, they graduated in Prostějov. Today, they are seventy years old who have shown that they are still young on the inside, and decided to present their then graduation tableau, complete with current illustrations. He is a magnet for passersby…