77th anniversary of the end of World War II: Zeman and Fiala take part in Pieta

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) told reporters that this year is not a general celebration of the end of the war – it is necessary to think about those dying in Ukraine today. “I respect all the fighters who helped liberate our nation from the Nazi invaders. Their heroism and memory need to be remembered… The ongoing war in Ukraine reminds us that freedom and peace are not commonplace. Apart from the victims of World War II, we must also think about the victims of war. what is currently happening in Ukraine.” wrote the prime minister on twitter.

“We have to thank those (Ukrainian soldiers) who fought there (in Ukraine). In Kiev, Mariupol, in Kharkov, there is a fight everywhere for our freedom and independence,” he told reporters in Vitkov.

Pekarová Adamová: It is possible to defeat any dictator

The President of the Senate and the Chair of the Chamber of Deputies also expressed the same opinion, stressing the need to support Ukraine against Russian aggressors. According to the chairman of the upper house, Miloš Vystrčil, Russia’s current aggression overshadows the legacy of the liberation of the Soviet army in World War II. House Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová thinks that today’s legacy is possible to defeat any dictator and totalitarian. “I want us to realize that unity in particular helps, it helps if we stay connected against the enemy, as it helped so many years ago.” he says.

Negroes have once again identified Putin as a war criminal. “It is possible to defeat any dictator,” according to Pekarová Adamová, it is today’s legacy that gives Ukraine hope too.

Pieta without lid

For two years, the coronavirus pandemic affected the form of warnings, this year they were hit by the war in Ukraine, launched by the Russian president on February 24 Vladimir Putin. The day that Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945 is celebrated by the Czechs along with most European countries as a national holiday.

Preaching took place in a number of Czech cities, and Independence Celebrations were also held in Pilsen as a reminder of the city’s liberation. Starting at 11:00, a parade of historical military vehicles with period plane flights will be prepared in the city center. Most of the countries of the world took part in World War II. With more than 60 million victims, it has become the biggest war ever. The Czechs fought against Nazi Germany on the Western and Eastern Fronts.

The whole Czech Republic commemorates the end of World War II

At around two o’clock in the afternoon, Prime Minister Fiala, representatives of Parliament, the army, Prague and the Czechoslovak community will honor the memory of the legions of fallen Ukrainian Red Army soldiers and victims of the Prague Uprising at the Olšany Cemetery. Ukrainians who fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and found temporary shelter in Prague will also take part in the action.

The honor meeting at the Roman concentration camp cemetery at Lety na Písecku will commemorate the Romans and Jews who were victims of Nazism. The traditional event of the Velichovka Mission takes place in Velichovky in the Náchod region. Visitors can look forward to demonstrations of historic military equipment, military camps, craft markets and workshops for children.

An exhibition of historical technology and a convoy of military vehicles will also be on display at Merdeka Square in Brno in the afternoon. In the years at Písek, where there was a concentration camp for Rome during the Second World War, one will remember the memories of Rome and the Jewish victims of Nazism in the afternoon. At Velké Popovice in the Brno region, he will unveil a commemorative plaque at the birthplace of RAF pilot Karel Batelka.

Reminders of the end of World War II are also being prepared in Prague, eské Budějovice, Liberec, Znojmo, stí nad Orlicí and eská Lípa, among others.

Presidential Candidate: Who Wants to Replace Zeman at Palace?

Zeman appoints a new general

President Zeman today at Prague Castle on the occasion of Victory Day appointed 19 generals from the army, police, fire department, the Czech Republic Prison Service and the secret service. He promoted the director of Military Intelligence, Jan Beroun, and the chief firefighter, Vladimír Vlček, to the rank of lieutenant general. The first deputies became the first deputy police officer Tomáš Lerch, director of the Czech Republic Prison Service Simon Michailidis and deputy director of Military Intelligence Radek Horáček. Another man was promoted to brigadier general. The government’s proposal to appoint Michal Koudelka, Director General of Security Information Service (BIS), is again not in line with the government’s proposal.

BIS director Koudelka, whom Zeman did not promote to general again, thanked the government for his seventh candidacy, and intends to continue working fully for the Czech Republic and its citizens.

Nine people in the army received new ranks. Among other things, Zeman promoted Petr najdárek of the Ministry of Defence, who played a key role in the so-called Smart Quarantine project and who was awarded the Medal of Merit in October 2020. The president then appointed former Chief of General Staff Jiří Nekvasil to the rank of retired army general. He still has the rank of colonel general, which was abolished by the Czech army after joining NATO. The rank was fixed for the soldiers at the time, but no one else could get it. Nekvasil is the only former or current chief of staff who is not an army general.

Brigadier General also served as Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence Section Václav Liedermann, Commander of the 21st Tactical Air Base Jaroslav Mika, Head of the Special Forces Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Ladislav Rebilas, Commander of 22 Helicopters of Air Force Base Rudolf Straka and Commander of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade Jan Stepanek.

Zeman promoted five people from the police ranks. In addition to Lerch, director of the Presidential Protection Department Martin Baláž, deputy at the police presidium Tomáš Kubík, director of police officer Karlovy Vary Petr Macháček and director of foreign police Milan Majer were promoted. In addition to Vlček, two other members of the corps were promoted among the firefighters – fire department director Karlovy Vary, Václav Klemák, and Prague fire department director, Luděk Prudil. From the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the President elevated Marian Prokeš, Director of the Personnel Department at the Directorate General, to the rank of retired General.

Ukraine probably won’t get the American Gray Eagle drone. Reuters reported, citing two people familiar with the matter, that US plans to sell four MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine were suspended over concerns that advanced surveillance equipment could fall to Russia.

Hello, dear readers. Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will not be held in Ukraine, whose representatives won this year’s competition. According to DPA, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), whose member countries host Eurovision, wanted to ask the British public company the BBC if the competition could take place in the UK, whose representation came in second this year. Ukraine today rejected the EBU’s decision and demanded further negotiations.

“It is a tradition for the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held the following year, provided certain criteria are met, including … the safety of all participants,” The EBU said in a statement on its website. It also said that after “An objective analysis by the management of the EBU with deep regret concludes that under the current situation … UA (public company) Ukraine: PBC cannot fulfill the guarantee for the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Ukrainian soldiers in the Kharkiv region.

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