80 years old Drillo: – Terrified me more than I expected

– What happened on Saturday?

– Then I will do nothing, said Drillo in a telephone interview with NTB.

Interviews should be kept short. Drillo is a busy man this week with previews and promotions of cinema documentaries Everything for Norway . Friday marks the Norwegian premiere at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo and the 80th anniversary of the greatest national team manager of all time for Norway.

– It’s been very busy right now. A little too busy in terms of what I’m used to and what I like. “I’m really looking forward to Saturday,” he said.

A celebration will also take place at the Ullevaal Stadium after the cinema premiere. Drillo moderated a bit, but only a little:

– I almost have to say that I’m looking forward a little bit, but I’m scared more than I’m looking forward, I think.

Drillo led Norway for two terms between 1990 and 2013. A total of 137 games and 71 wins.

He is now 80 years old.

– This is proof that you are old. I have noticed that it has been on the cards for a while. I see age, by all means. A little about physics first and foremost, says Olsen.

– I am very nice

He’s still fine.

– I am very nice. And then I have an old woman and a daughter who pushes me a lot when I try to sleep. I go for walks and exercise every day.

– That’s not bad?

– No. I’m probably a little better than most 80-year-olds, he says.

Drillo never liked the limelight, even though his football and success had given him a lot of attention even long after he gave up. Has she softened up about the caring gaze around her own person?

– I’m probably the same as before. I think that is also one of the weaknesses of this film. “It’s too much for me and Drillo and a little too little football,” he said.


That brings us to the documentary. The 1990s provided two World Cup finals for a national team simply called “Drillos”. In the film, there are scenes that he wants to stop. One is from the clubhouse to the east side whose focus is too big.

– This is too much for me, he repeated.

– It’s very good too. That’s not my prayer. These people know things I can’t, says Drillo.

The “people” were Jo Vemund Svendsen and Daniel Høglund, who directed. The film naturally culminates with the iconic moment in Marseille where Kjetil Rekdal scores on a penalty kick against Brazil. This film may not be for those who get a “pampered” cinema experience by this.

This documentary contains lots of new video material and personal footage that you’ve never seen before. Drillo himself has been interviewed several times.

– The most positive thing is that there are many things in the film that I have never seen before.

More TV

Apart from the film, it is expected that Drillo will continue to appear on TV 2 screens during their football broadcasts, especially during international matches. The channel’s sports editor Vegard Jansen Hagen has stated Dagbladet that there is always room for him.

– I’ll see how long they bother to have me, replied Drillo.

– But you’re interested?

– Yes, as long as I feel I am on the rise when it comes to football and watch football as much as I do. “I feel like I’m catching up at least,” he said humbly.

A new agreement had to be reached, and Drillo had to apply. There’s still time for one last question.

– What are you going to use Saturday for?

– Then I’ll really relax, sit on the terrace if the weather is nice and have a beer.

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