A couple in Děčín build a house in the rock

The couple bought a building with a basement during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“A friend started looking for real estate and I took it all for him. One time he sent me this land as a joke, and he meant to make it a forum, and I looked at it and said, there it is, it will not lose its value,” recalls Dagmar Smrčinová.

The past of the plot is partially shrouded in mystery. Locals say they remember the original building, which was a place of entertainment and entertainment. During the First Republic, there used to be the largest dance floor in the wider area. During the Second World War, the now virtually non-existent building was occupied by the commanders of the Rabštejn labor camp.

What remains untouched on the property is precisely the ancient underground passage. However, when they were made and what they were used for, the pair have not been able to track them down. According to Smrčinová, it is possible that they were used to store meat.

The longest inhabited stone apartment in Kokořínsk was abandoned by its owner 34 years ago

Housing area

The new owners managed to clear the basement of debris and also organize a garden. Apart from sitting in front of the stone entrance, there is a barrel of water in the garden, which is used for refreshment. It is located where there used to be a bathroom during the First Republic, which the owner happened to find. The First Republican Panel has even been preserved. Inside the stone, the couple creates a pleasant space for relaxation and you can cook something here too.

From the start, the owners thought that they could also offer the land to foreigners for short-term leases, and there was a lot of interest in the unusual place right away. “The interest is much greater than we expected. The summer season is only from November to March,” said Smrčinová.

In the future, he plans to fence off more land and also wants to deal with the remains of the buildings that stood on it in the past.


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