A disturbing suggestion from a German politician. It’s about the Polish border

On Thursday, Alice Weidel posted a chart on Twitter with the results of a vote for the party conducted in the eastern federal states, namely in the former East Germany. He said his party was “by far the largest force in central Germany.”

And it is this expression that causes the most controversy. The designation of the former East Germany as “Middle Germany” suggests that some German lands lay further east. The thing is, this is where Polish territory begins, which Germany has officially recognized within its current borders since 1990. At that time, Poland and Germany signed an agreement on the recognition of the borders on the Oder and Nysa Łużycka rivers.

The entry of the German politician received many comments, both from Germany and Poland.

“For the AfD spokesperson, the former GDR region is »Central Germany«. So West and North Poland Region is »East Germany«,” commented Prof. Stanisław Żerko, dealing with Germany.

An AfD spokesperson tweeted today in which he referred to the former East German region as “Central Germany”.

This is not the first statement by the AfD

This is not the first time Alternative for Germany politicians have referred to historical issues in which Poland is present.

In 2021, AfD leader Alexander Gauland suggested that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was “Stalin’s right decision” and that Poland’s pre-World War II policy forced the Russian leadership to make peace with Hitler. At the time, he also described Poland as “a factor that destabilized the European order in the then interwar period”.

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