A new documentary about Zeman’s health: It depicts the last days before the trip to the hospital

When the prosecutor’s office announced last week that it had completed an investigation into President Miloš Zeman’s transfer to hospital last year, it was just a few words: This is not an alleged criminal offence.

Detectives in the case are investigating whether anyone in the president’s circle failed to take care of Zeman’s health. Last October 10, the day after the election, a president was quickly taken from Lány in a special ambulance to a military hospital.

He was the first to know that the investigation was over Czech Television. The Reports List has now obtained documents in which police officers justify the delay and also describe in detail what people from the presidency, bodyguards or Zeman’s wife and daughter said about the events before being transferred to the hospital.

“During the investigation, the police did not find any facts that doubted the assistance and medical care provided,” the police concluded.

List of Police Resolution Reports obtained under the Information Act. The prosecutor’s office anonymized him, obscuring his name and some sensitive passages. Nevertheless, the document reiterates what happened in the weeks following his hospitalization: that Milos Zeman – despite being rejected or belittled by the president – was sick.

At the same time, the document explains that Miloš Zeman himself refused to be taken to the hospital for several days. Although the doctor coaxed him out of this attitude and persuaded him to be hospitalized.

The witness (due to the anonymization mentioned above, it is impossible to determine who it really is) told the police that the president managed to convince the president to stay at the Military Central Hospital in Prague after a long time – on Friday, October 8 the day the Czech Republic opened a polling station voice.

According to subsequent statements by his colleagues, Miloš Zeman agreed to go to the hospital on Monday, October 11. However, his condition may worsen because, as police resolutions indicate, the urge to go to the hospital intensifies over election weekend. Not only from loved ones – the director of the military hospital Miroslav Zavoral, who treated the head of state, also joined.

The president’s wife Ivana Zemanová (despite the black spot in the resolution, it can be concluded that it was her) told police that the president was more tired at that time than ever before. “So he persuaded him, along with others who visited him, to decide on another hospitalization. He also said that the president avoided transportation to the hospital, preferring treatment at home,” investigators translated the statement.

The president then immediately confessed to the detectives that he was the only one who didn’t want to go to the hospital. Although in the end he believes the transfer will be done on Sunday, October 10. “Everyone agreed he went to the hospital, so he thought, maybe something is up and he’s gone,” police said.

According to the document, Miloš Zeman added that he did not sustain any damage. “President of the Czech Republic Ing. Miloš Zeman does not feel disadvantaged in this regard,” wrote investigators.

So the conclusion of the police investigation is:

“The President of the Czech Republic Ing. Miloš Zeman is undoubtedly showing signs of illness, as evidenced by medical documentation and the statements of the attending physician, which further indicate that he is familiar with his state of health, but repeatedly refuses to be hospitalized,” police clear.

The resolution also includes information from medical records, and criminal investigators have requested access to it with court permission. But this section is completely unreadable in the document.

The prosecutor’s office carefully withheld information from the president’s medical records.

However, it is clear from the individual testimonies of witnesses that Miloš Zeman did not return to his original condition after being first admitted to the hospital in September, which Castle calls a routine check-up. According to one of the witnesses who heard, he mostly slept during the day and again only moved in a wheelchair. But at the same time he is interested in what is happening in the Czech Republic and in the world.

During October’s treatment at a military hospital, the presidency kept secret what Zeman was suffering from. Castle spokesman Jiří Ovčáček even claimed that Zeman ate bread and sausage. After a few days, Senate President Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) requested basic information from the hospital and announced that Zeman was unable to run for president.

It turned out later that Miloš Zeman had a serious liver disease and had an established artificial diet.

Politicians then considered not voting to oust Zeman. Zeman’s lawyer, Marek Nespala recently said that it was sabotage and the president would file criminal charges for it.

“What I think is really out of bounds is that with regard to the state of his health, everyone has the right to stumble. But depriving the president of power? Well, maybe not,” said Nespala on the I Ask on the News List program.

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