A report by a banned media outlet indicated that Putin had cancer, the Kremlin denied the rumours

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Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have thyroid cancer, according to a long-term investigation into the president’s health fountain pen Russian journalist from the publication Project Media. “Putin is now accompanied by a large team of doctors, including a surgeon specializing in thyroid cancer,” the Italian cited from the report as an example. agent ANSA. The Kremlin has denied rumors about the head of state’s cancer.

“This is fabrication and lies,” said Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, according to Russian media. He recalled that in Russia Project Media was recognized as an unwanted organization and was canceled at the request of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Ukraine’s Unian news agency pointed to part of the report that the aging Putin, who will celebrate his 70th birthday in October, is said to favor a rejuvenating “spa” based on traditional remedies from the Altai Mountains. This bath was allegedly recommended to him by the current Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu. While there is no conclusive evidence of its usefulness, Putin loves it, and other members of the Russian elite are said to be following the president’s example, including Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and head of gas giant Gazprom, Alexei Miller.

Doubts about Putin’s health have been raised repeatedly and are now intensifying due to Putin’s order to invade Ukraine, which is now in its 37th day and has so far produced no significant success for Russian troops, perhaps with the exception of capturing the Kherson region in the south. country.

Last month, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko dismissed speculation about Putin’s health in an interview with Japanese television station TBS. According to him, the Russian president “is in better shape than before.”

Representatives of Western countries have repeatedly stated that Putin miscalculated when launching an attack on Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to the Russian president saying he was acting irrationally. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte described him as “absolutely paranoid”.

Lukashenko rejects all of these claims. “The West and you also have to get this stupidity, this nonsense out of your heads,” the Belarusian president told Japanese media representatives. “Putin is completely fit, he is in better shape than ever… He is a completely healthy person mentally and physically, he is an athlete,” Lukashenko added.

Belarus’s authoritarian leader has given Russia military territory in his country to attack Ukraine, but has so far been reluctant to engage in open war with Ukraine.

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