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The May celebrations at the end of the Second World War will be a little different this year in Pilsen. For example, popular veteran George Thompson, who will celebrate his ninety-ninth birthday this year, will not commemorate his release by the American army this year. Even so, the people of Pilsen can look forward to a busy four-day program in the form of a military camp, the Freedom Convoy or a concert. Of course, there will also be devotional acts.

“This year, for the first time, celebrations for the end of the Second World War will take place without those who liberated Pilsen in May 1945. The surviving war veterans are no longer fit to travel such long distances. However, they will be present at least symbolically,” said the mayor of the city at a press conference today Roman Zarzycky (YES).

Veterans George Thompson and Lincoln Harner send greetings to the people of Pilsen, from whom it is clear that they share a very close relationship with the metropolis of West Bohemian. “Pilsen is my second home. I’ve always been closer to the Czech Republic than most Americans. I grew up in Kansas and my friends in high school were named Havel and Černý. All my friends in high school were from the Czech Republic. I never heard of they speak Czech, but they are good friends of mine. As I mentioned, Pilsen is my second home. And because of that, if I were to move, Pilsen would be the obvious choice. Everyone here loves me and I love them. ” he says George Thompson.

Pilsen was my second home, war veteran George Thompson likes to say, who with his fellow soldiers liberated Nýřany in May 1945 and continued towards the metropolis of West Bohemian. Thompson regularly attends Freedom Fests and…

The biggest celebration of the end of the war in Europe

The scale of Pilsen’s celebrations was truly out of the ordinary and was among the largest in Europe. This year, from May 5 to 8, one can look forward to period vibes, military history club camps, the Freedom Convoy, commemorative concerts and acts, including a major memorial gathering at Thank You, America! The cultural program will be enjoyed by the people of Pilsen and across the country at Náměstí Republiky and in the amphitheater behind the Plaza Shopping Center.

There will also be an exhibition at the Pilsen City Hall Mazhaus, which will commemorate the role of the US Army 16th Armored Division, whose tanks and vehicles were the first to enter Pilsen on May 6, 1945. On the other hand, outdoor exhibition panels at Smetanovy Sady will focusing on the postwar years of freedom, the exhibition is also dedicated to the memory of Pavel Hauzner, Pilsen collector, witness and promoter of General Patton’s memory.

“The period military camp, where you can see dozens of heavy and light armored vehicles, workshops and transport equipment, field kitchens, and military headquarters, will be scattered in Křižík Park. Other clubs commemorating the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade and RAF, including models the Spitfire aircraft, will return, along with the Czech Republic Army, to the park area behind the Plaza shopping center. gestured to the head of the Pilsen City Municipal Marketing Department Jan Komisová.

Specialized units of the Czech Republic Army, including the military police, will demonstrate what the MUSADO Military Combat System self-defense training looks like. “Once again, we have prepared demonstrations of various types of defense equipment. Static demonstrations will be accessible to visitors on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 from 9am to 8pm. explained the director of the Plzeň Regional Military Command Milan Glazer.

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 14:11

FOGALLERY: Convoy Liberty 2022

FOGALLERY: Convoy Liberty 2022

Those who prefer culture will be able to enjoy swing, jazz, folk and country in the amphitheater. For example, the cymbal music of Kateřina Steinerová & Her Swing Boys, Václav Noid Bárta and Milan Brouček, groups Cop, Navostro, Taxmeni or Bratři Ebenová will perform there. Fans of the Pilsen Philharmonic will have fun too, as they will be performing their “Plzen Health America” ​​program as part of opening night Friday in Republic Square.

This year’s program has also been prepared by Memory of the Nation, which on May 8 2018 held a sports event entitled “We run for all those who don’t give up”. This event will commemorate the fate of political prisoners, war veterans, Holocaust victims and dissidents, namely all freedom fighters.

Naked in warning Thank you, America! and Convoy of Freedom will be available to watch online at City Facebook And A celebration of freedomwhere you can also find the celebration program.

Several veterans who regularly returned to Pilsen have died. In early March, we reported the passing of American veteran Richard G. Pieper. Valère Gustin, a war veteran and liberator of Pilsen, also died last fall at the respectable age of eighty-eight. Back in May, he greeted thousands of Pilsen residents, attended a memorial rally and handed out autographs. As well as Valère Gustin, Belgian veteran Louise Gihoul, who sadly passed away in the summer, took part in last year’s Freedom Celebration in Pilsen. Shortly before last year’s Freedom Celebration, Domažlice and Pilsen liberator, James Herbert Cavanaugh Duncan, a veteran and member of the 2nd Infantry Division, died in the US at the age of 97.

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