A: The world’s poorest people shouldn’t be billed

SV reacted strongly to how much of its development aid budget would be used to receive Ukrainian refugees in Norway.

– The world’s poorest took the bill for us to accept Ukrainian refugees. It’s not right to be like that, fiscal policy spokeswoman Kari Elisabeth Kaski told NTB.

He pointed out that the government spent a larger share at home than the Solberg government did during the refugee crisis in 2015.

– This is an obvious choice made by the government. They underestimated help, he said.

Against electric car advice

SV has a key role as a government budget partner. Negotiations were about to begin, and Kaski had already pointed out several areas the party would emphasize. SV will oppose imposing VAT on electric cars.

– This is a very funny move, which also breaks with the Hurdal platform. There is no phasing of VAT, you go directly to VAT, he said. SV is not sure the subsidy scheme for affordable electric cars will have the expected effect.

– Experience with this type of scheme from other countries is very bad. “We’d better look at what we’ve done so far, using the tax system, and be more careful about escalating,” he said.

Don’t worry about using oil money

Overall, he pointed out that tax revenues were much higher than budgeted.

– Norway’s economy is not as hot as the government has been talking about in recent weeks, said Kaski. He believes that the situation does not indicate that the use of oil money should be increased, but also very high.

He warned that the SV would emphasize measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce differences in negotiations.

– It is very disappointing that no new measures have been introduced for people with poor finances to meet the rising costs. This will lead to increasing disparities and increasing poverty. Climate is also one of the budget’s big downsides, with more cuts to public transport than on the road, he said

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