A wave of outrage on the network after Engelking’s appearance on tvN24

Prof.’s accusation Barbara Engelking against Poland, which she performed on tvN24, was met with widespread outrage on the network. Engelking portrayed Poles as essentially partly responsible for the Holocaust, as extortion was allegedly common in Poland during World War II.

The guest insulted the Poles, the journalist nodded. Every day on tvN.

After the attack on st. TVN John Paul II continues to attack Poland and our history. On the 80th anniversary of the ghetto uprising, they gave airtime to a woman who hates Poland and Poles. Poland was threatened with death for helping the Jews. Germany did not introduce such punishments in other occupied countries. So why in Poland? It is clear that the risk of the death penalty was not feared by szmalcowniks, but by those who wanted to help the Jews.

I am far from Polish historical heroism, but was the main emotion of Poles, as the Professor says, really in 1943 and during the occupation, hatred of Jews? The other threads are terrible too. The whole atmosphere of this conversation – thanks also to P. Red. – accused Poland

Others want to shut their mouths, but when they open their own we hear words filled with ojkophobia, anti-Polonism and sheer hypocrisy.

Seven of Ulma’s children were killed by the Germans, including those who were seven months in the womb of their mother, Wiktori Ulma, and Józef Ulma, father and husband, greets Professor Engelking and editor Olejnik. Killed for harboring Jews.

The @KropkaNadI profile does not dare to imitate the words of another anti-Polish Engelking, who fell on a vision on the anniversary of 🇵🇱 Jews fighting against GERMAN criminals. Lawyers for @OrdoIuris have analyzed the legality of the lawsuit for the protection of the reputation of the Polish Nation under the National Institute of Remembrance Act

I hope Professor Engelking apologizes to the Polish people for his shameful words. Professor, why are you dividing people?

“For Poles, death is a matter of biology, of nature, death as death. For Jews, it is a tragedy, a dramatic experience, a metaphysic. Barbara Engelking-Boni received award from potential PO for her lies and deception in Poland: 522,000 zlotys. PLN for further “work”.

For centuries, Poland has been a thorn in the hearts and a sharp point in the souls of many people. For it is the power of freedom, the ideal of the sovereign, the corypheus of fortitude! Because it is a brave and tireless community! I love Poland and I’m proud of it

TVN brings out the heavy anti-Polish guns:

-Engelking: Poles are szmalcowniks, Jews survived thanks to their own courage,

-Holland/Olejnik: Poles are guilty of the deaths of Jews in the ghetto.

Polonophobia and systemic falsification of history. Why? Poland hindered the progress of Eurocommunism. Good morning.

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