A wish sign for all the money: We present an overview of the 10 most expensive license plates in the world

Every normal person has to ask himself what the wish sign really is for. However, given the popularity of the world’s leading brands, this is a very good investment for the owner – besides, the proceeds from the auction usually go to charity.

In addition, it is also an undeniable representation of social status – at first glance, people around you will see that the owner is someone important or rich. And with this comes the third function of a prominent license plate – it’s a fine ticket to select companies.

“I remember back home in Dubai when they wouldn’t let me into the Burj Al Arab Hotel because my car’s license plate was too plain,” said businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar, who owns a license plate with only the number 1 above it “rising” to seventh position. in our ranking.

Location License plate text Place Amount in USD
1. MM USA, California 24,300,000
2. NEW YORK US, New York 20,000,000
3. F1 England, London 17,000,000
4. Q7 UAE, Dubai 15,000,000
5. AA9 UAE, Dubai 10,000,000
6. D5 UAE, Dubai 9,600,000
7. AA8 UAE, Dubai 9,500,000
7. 1 UAE, Abu Dhabi 9,500,000
8. 09 UAE, Dubai 5,700,000
9. 5 UAE, Abu Dhabi 4,600,000
10. 7 UAE, Dubai 3,900,000

In this unofficial ranking of the world’s most expensive license plates, do you have any favorites you can imagine on your car, or are you original and using a completely different combination of markings? There’s no limit to creativity – it can be anything from your hometown to your partner’s initials or a nickname for your wedding anniversary. Do you have an interesting idea? Share with us in the comments!

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