Aanes and Berge resigned as national team coaches – disagreeing with the athletes about the future

Evaluation after the WC in Serbia revealed that there was no basis for further cooperation until the Olympics in Paris, the Norwegian Wrestling Association said in a statement. Thursday press release.

– It will be difficult to continue the work started when we and the athletes are far apart. It’s about our philosophy and our system that we believe in, and we’re not going to deviate from that, say Aanes and Berge.

After the World Wrestling Championships in September, Aanes worked hard.

– Previously I did not expect anything, because we have struggled with illness and injury. But then I also have to say that the athletes haven’t been good enough. They haven’t put in a one hundred percent job and wrestled as number one, Aanes said, according to NRK.

– Ready for the result

Further in the press release, it stated that they would be released from their contract on Thursday and the wrestling association would engage in dialogue with the individual to see how their skills might be used in the future.

“As part of the evaluation work, the Norwegian Wrestling Association has prepared that this could be the outcome, and the association and Olympiatoppen have therefore drawn up a range of alternatives which are now being assessed,” the statement said.

Thanks to both

Aanes became coach of the national team in 2017, before Berge joined the team when he ended his active career just over a year ago.

– The Norwegian Wrestling Association, Fritz and Stig-André part ways as good friends, and wish each other all the best for the future. The Norwegian Wrestling Federation would also like to thank them for everything they mean for Norwegian wrestling, both as athletes, coaches and ambassadors, said general secretary Morten Sandnæs.

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