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Tonight comes the news that Abba will be releasing a new album, members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus said in a live broadcast on YouTube.

The album «Voyage» will be released on November 5th.

In addition, they will be holding a concert, or the digital version of the younger members, will be performing music. The so-called «Abba-tars».

Concert: The digital version of Abba members will hold a concert.

Photo: Baillie Walsh

NRK was present at the event held in London at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in Queen Elizabeth Olumpic Park. The park will be the venue for the concert, in an arena that will be created especially for this concert. The concert will be held May 27, 2022.

NRK journalist Gry Blekastad Alms was the only Norwegian journalist present at the event

London correspondent Gry Blekastad Alms was present at the event which was held Thursday night.

Photo: Gry Blekastad Alms / NRK

There is a lot of secrecy about what should happen at the event.

The show, which has long been dubbed “Abba Voyage”, was broadcast live on video site YouTube at 6:45 p.m. The live broadcast started with the new song “I Still Have Faith In You”, and ended with “Don’t Shut Me Down”, which was also new.

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Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus were present at the event in London.


LONDON: Abba members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus attended.

Photo: Gry Blekastad Alms / NRK

Around the world, fans gather to watch the live broadcast.

Notified returns

Abba has long given fans small hints of a possible return to music.

In late August, Abba wrote on Twitter, “Thanks for waiting. The journey is about to begin ». With this secret message, ABBA fans can’t help but wait.

– There will be news, but I can’t say much more, Björn Ulvaeus, one of the band’s four members, told the BBC earlier this year.

The screenshot which is 02.09.21

With this twitter message in early August, Abba announced her comeback.

One of the most eagerly awaited in Norway is Bent Lønrusten. On Abba’s fan page on Facebook, the 56-year-old warned that Abba’s suit was ironed and ready.

He thought the moon landings in 1969 would be just a lousy fireworks display by comparison.

– Here at home, the kids have asked for time off from school, the wife has taken time off from work and the new 60-inch has been adjusted for the occasion. Maybe they got a little engaged because the father at home was slightly above average excited. A two-meter-tall lumberjack who takes time off work to join a pop band, says Lønrusten.

Bent Lønrusten at the Abba Museum in Oslo wearing his Abba jacket.

Bent Lønrusten at Abbas’s museum, wearing his own ABBA jacket in which it is said he has been a fan since 1972.

Private photo

Listen to them every day for 49 years

Therefore, on a day off, he focused completely on Abba and investigated what would happen tonight.

– I have gone further than usual to find out what will happen. “I think there will be four songs, with the addition of the old ones,” said Lønrusten.

His interests in music range from Kiss and Motörhead – to Abba. But for Lønrusten, there is something special about the Swedish pop group.

– I was seven years old in 1972 when I fell in love with them in a record store in Trondheim. Since then, I’ve listened to it almost every day, says Lønrusten.

Lønrusten is not surprised by the new music news.

– It was as expected, but more to come. I really believe that they will release a new album.

Lønrusten said this after watching the live broadcast. He was determined that his music would never be the same as it used to be.

– They’ve done a lot since then, which makes the new music different. This will be another record to grow. It will be interesting to see how the album turns out, after all, it’s been 40 years since it was last.

Passionate fans in London

Even though it’s been 39 years since Abba last released music, the band still has a lot of young fans. British youngsters Tommy Digby and Ollie Duncan listen to a lot of the group’s songs.

– I like their music. This is a classic.

They’re still a little unsure what to think about the new music.

– Their songs, like the classic Mamma Mia, I think they should stick to their old music.

Don’t believe in new classics

Also hosts HC and Andrea at NRK P1, Andrea Lindquist has been looking forward to this evening for weeks.

HC Andersen and Andrea Lindquist at NRK P1.

Andrea Lindquist finds it hard to compare to the music Abba makes.

Photo: Christian Nicolai Bjørke / NRK

– It’s a tough thing. This is Abba, nothing has made music better since then, he said excitedly.

He’s one of those fans who weren’t born when Abba was still making music. That didn’t stop him from putting his love for their music. He’s still as cautious about hoping for big hits as before.

– You have hope, but I don’t think we’re getting a great classic. This happens a lot with sequels.

Music critic Audun Vinger is also wary of expecting too much, but doesn’t think the drop is too great:

– What do they have to lose? he asked rhetorically.

– They really are the perfect band. They have it all, say music critics.

Audun Vinger

Music critic Audun Vinger described Abba as a global pop phenomenon.

Photo: Andreas ien Stensland

Still big today

No wonder the band is still popular to this day.

– They haven’t left either, he said.

Abba had his prime in the ’70s with hits like water, dance queen and Oh Mama. The latter also has music named after him, and it has a lot of credit for the band that plows through the younger generation too, Vinger believes.

Benny Andersson, Angnetha Fältskog, Bjørn Ulvaeus and Annifrid Lyngstad (front) from 1977

The last album Abba released was “The Visitor” in 1981.

Photo: Anonymous / Ap

– The music is as big as their record. The songs had somehow left the band. They are part of a kind of common property.

At the end of August, the pop group created a new website called Abba Journey, with links to youtube streams. That’s all we got from the pop group itself.

Four-leaf clover Agnetha Fältskog, Anna-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, returned to the music studio in 2018 and promised fans two new songs later that year. But the fans have to be patient, because there is never a song.

It’s been 39 years since Abba last released music, but with the help of the musical “Mamma Mia”, the younger generation also fell in love with the Swedish pop band.

Meryl Streep "Oh Mother!"

Both the film and the musical Mamma Mia have a lot to say that Abba is still relevant, according to Vinger.

Photo: Photo Credit: Peter Mountain

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