Secret river in mexico
Secret river in mexico
Río Secreto


Río Secreto is a place of supernatural beauty, hidden and perfectly preserved in the Riviera Maya, which you can meet in your next search for flights to Cancun, since to be exact, this is located in Playa del Carmen, one of the most beautiful and spectacular destinations that you can imagine.


The history of Río Secreto

An iguana that was persecuted by a farmer from a community near Playa del Carmen, disappeared among some rocks, the man who didn´t want to stay with the desire of the exquisite eggs and the tasty meat of the animal, removed the stones and in front his eyes, a river of crystalline waters appeared, which until then was secret. This was how Río Secreto was discovered in 2006, a thousand-year-old underground stream of great beauty. A group of explorers went into the cave and was surprised by the galleries that looked like palaces of glass and the halls with great rock formations that seemed to be taken from a fairy tale. Currently this wonderful nature reserve is visited by people from all over the world who seek to know the unique beauty of Río Secreto.


What to see in Río Secreto

The Rio Secreto tour is listed as one of the best experiences of “green” tourism, before entering the cave with the underground river, they will provide you with the necessary equipment according to the tour that will be carried out, as well as food rations and drinks. On the way, you will see beautiful sets of rock formations and listening to the guide’s explanations about how these structures took shape by accumulating millions of years of mineral salts in the waters. You must walk carefully to avoid slips and falls, also, for times you have to bend down to avoid natural obstacles, and sometimes you will have to float, because the water reaches above the knees.

You will see and feel the sounds of the fauna that inhabits the cavern, particularly bats, these animals are the only mammals that fly it and its echolocation system is so perfect that one will never shock you. Rio Secreto is a network of caverns and underground waters in constant exploration, so on your next visit you will surely find something new to see.


The restrictions to enter Río Secreto

Rio Secreto is managed by people with an almost obsessive concern for the preservation of the environment, and people who love nature can enjoy it no matter if it rains or if there is a radiant sun. The nature reserve is managed with strict conservationist controls, so you can´t enter with objects that can be lost, the use of cameras is restricted because the excessive use of artificial lighting disturbs the life of the local fauna, but by running out of photos don´t worry, as a photographer accompanies the tours. And the most important thing, only use biodegradable sunscreen and repelents.

Biodegradable sunscreen and repellent

The travel time between the center of the city of Playa Del Carmen and Rio Secreto is between seven and twelve minutes, this depends on the means of transport used, so it is a perfect place to discover in your next plan to choose one of the flights to Cancun.

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