Cancun Bars Mexico

For some time, flights to Cancun Mexico have become the most sought after by travelers from all over the world, making it the most visited city in the country, and now it offers more fun than ever. Travelers from different countries want to experience the blue beaches of the Caribbean, but especially the nightlife, because here there are many types of bars with live music, DJs, cocktails, wines and delicious food. That is why we have taken on the task of investigating the best bars in Cancun that you should know.


It is the favorite bar of the locals and is just a few steps from the hotel zone; in this place you can enjoy fresh seafood, hamburgers to taste, nachos and many more snacks. The Muellecito is open from 1 in the afternoon at 2 in the morning, from Monday to Saturday. The establishment has air conditioning and a smoking area.

Muellecito bar people Cancun

Las de Guanatos

This is the most popular bar for travelers, it is located in the Plaza de Toros on Bonampak Avenue, offers live music and special drinks at a good price. All the time there are promotions and their food is delicious, among the favorites of the place are the torta ahogada and the michelada of Ojo Rojo. The best thing about this bar is that it is open until dawn.

The Black Pub

Located at the height of Las Guanatos bar, this bar is characterized by its warm atmosphere and pleasant music, rock is one of the most played genres and is open from Monday to Saturday from 1 in the afternoon to 4 in the morning. Therefore, if your thing is to listen to rock all night and be accompanied by a good drink, this will be your ideal place.

The black Pub Cancun bars

Mr. Frogs

It is the best-known nightclub in Mexico, which during the day is a restaurant, and at night it becomes a nightclub. When you go, taste the Wild Frog Rocks, the Agave Tequila Mr. Frog and the Pama de Granada, each one will leave a delicious taste in your mouth and will also provide you with the necessary atmosphere to celebrate until dawn.

Han Social Room

The favorite bar to spend the night, located in the Diomeda building, on Thursday is the perfect day for the ladies and for those who celebrate their birthday, as it is when they receive a bottle. The music they play is “a bit of everything” like pop, techno, salsa, etc. It is worth mentioning that theme nights and special events are the best of the Han Social Room.

Han bar cancun

Don Libando

It has become a point of reference in Cancun for making delicious cocktails, it has the largest Mezcal selection in the city and its Mexican fusion food is exceptional, you can find this bar inside Plaza Solare.

You already have more options of bars for your next search for flights to Cancun Mexico, and as additional information, the best bars in Cancun, the area are in Plaza Solare and Plaza de Toros, although nothing like an own investigation to choose the place that suits you best.