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The protracted dispute over the operation of the Brothers Compassionate Hospital ended in Brno. The city agrees with the Order of St. George’s Hospital. John of God, that he would hand over the facility to him. The order lost the hospital after its nationalization in 1948. The current hospital lease contract lasts until the end of June, and has been extended for the tenth time since 2018.

He informs that the transfer of the hospital should be done by the end of this year Mladá fronta Dnes (MFFD). The hospital on Polní Street was built by the Order, which owned part of the building and land. The parts are city and state. The order concluded a long-term cooperation agreement with the city, with the condition that it would one day take back the hospital.

The hospital, as a municipal organization, leased out part of the order building under other contracts, which, however, ended years ago and were repeatedly renewed after a few months. The order expressed interest in taking over the hospital, but did not reach a long-term agreement with the city. “We are looking for a solution with the municipality to transfer the hospital to us. In the end, the queue was left looking for reasons why it couldn’t be done.” MfD earlier said Martin Richard Macek.

According to the newspaper, Brno’s former health representative, Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL), claimed last year that the transfer would take several years, and demanded a new long-term lease agreement between the order and the city. “It is important that things move forward. We have to realize that five years have passed since the end of the twenty year contract,” Macek pointed out.

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The dispute over the operation of the Brothers Compassionate Hospital in Brno, as well as aging pediatricians and general practitioners or a lack of dentists is one of the main problems in the health sector in the South Moravia Region in the upcoming election period. Regional elections will take place in…

Now the mayor communicates with him on behalf of the city Marketa Vaňková (ODS) together with representative Dagmar Seidlová (TOP 09), who is in charge of health care. “The relationship with Mr. Prior was very fair and accommodating. Now it is the turn of the legal representatives of both parties to look for transfer options that comply with the legal order. Of course, everything is handled in such a way that the treatment of the patient is not affected, existing employment contracts and contracts with insurance companies health is maintained,” Vaňková said.

The current lease agreement runs until the end of June, and according to Mack, it’s for a set period of time to ensure negotiations don’t hit a dead end. Brothers of Mercy Hospital is one of two hospitals operated by the city. The second is the Trauma Hospital. Both have about five hundred employees.

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