After the reconstruction, Prague Máj can be opened in a year

“An air-conditioning system has already been installed here,” said Václav Klán of company Amádeus Real Estate, which bought the second department store in the former Czechoslovakia, on the third floor above the ground on Thursday.

Six floors initially served customers, after the renovation there will be nine of eleven. This will happen thanks to the transfer of technology from the highest floors to the dungeons. At three levels, Máj would be connected to the neighboring Quadrio, and thanks to windows in the ceiling, people would be able to see the other floors.

The project includes shops on the ground floor, which can be entered via a new entrance directly from the street Spálená, with refreshment, entertainment and culture on the first floor. “For example, with a gallery or a children’s corner,” architect Milan Mlada told Práv.

The shops will not return to the upper floors, because according to him customers are used to shopping there. They can look forward to a unique restaurant, as the eighth floor offers views of the entire city. And also on the terrace. As of now, it was adjacent to a glass chamber called the climatron, which spanned over two floors.

“It is calculated that there could be a world of children,” said Mlada. The Klimatron found it attractive from an urbanism point of view, the original Mayan authors tried to bring it closer to the height of the original building with its sloping construction.

Photo: Petr Hloušek, Hukum

Work is in full swing inside and on the roof.

They wouldn’t know the difference

“Given how complex the building was and where it was located, the reconstruction went far beyond expectations,” said the architect. The department store has been a cultural monument since 2007. The start of the reconstruction for the four billion crowns was preceded by a year and a half long discussions with the conservationists. “It will get a new coat nearly identical to the original, so that the average resident of Prague won’t know the difference,” added the architect.

Memorialists especially appreciate the structure, which remains in excellent condition. The proposal envisages the recognition of a large part that was previously hidden.

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