Al-Samarai was sworn in as the new sports president

ULLEVAAL (VG) Zaineb Al-Samarai (35) has been proposed as the new president of the Norwegian Sports Confederation. This means that Berit Kjøll (67) has lost the majority on the election committee. There is total discord in the sports movement – ​​again.

CANDIDATES: Berit Kjøll (th) and Zaineb Al-Samarai.

This was revealed when the Norwegian Sports Confederation election committee on Wednesday presented its recommendations to parliament in the first weekend of June.

However, the selection committee has not been able to reach a unanimous recommendation.

Seven out of ten members of the selection committee appointed Al-Samarai as the new sports president.

– He has wide support in today’s arrangement and, in the view of the majority, will act as a unifier in the council, said the chairman of the election committee, Terje Roel.

Previously, board member Marco Elsafadi had notified that he would resign if Kjøll was re-elected president of sport. Today it became known that Elsafadi was also nominated for a new term on the NIF board. It happened unanimously.

Kjoll will fight

However, Berit Kjøll didn’t give up after Wednesday’s news. He intends to contest the election in Bergen in early June:

– I, as a manager, felt unable to deliver all the results I dreamed of when I started. It’s the motivation and strength that makes me want to continue, Kjøll told VG.

He cites the electricity crisis, the Ukraine war and the pandemic as reasons why the last four years have been special.

– I have the time, desire and strength to fight for Norwegian sport for another term, he added.

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Earlier this spring, attorney Gunnar-Martin Kjenner left VG and accused Astrid Waaler Kaas and Mads Stian Hansen for being incompetent because of his relationship with Berit Kjøll.

Today it is known that Kaas and Hansen is among the three who have appointed Kjøll president of the sport. There is also Mona Adolfsen.

– If the two that are said to be incompetent in the media, then there are a few who are incompetent in Norwegian sports, argued Terje Roel today.

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Election in June

Zaineb Al-Samarai will have great support in sports circles, but also some of the sport’s 55 specialized federations.

He has a background as an Ap politician, a member of the Vålerenga council and has a background as a refugee from Iraq. Al-Samarai is a qualified lawyer from Oslo.

The Handball Association has signaled they support re-election for Berit Kjøll, while the Football Association has yet to decide who they will vote for.

Arne Bård Dalhaug, a former lieutenant general, has been appointed as the new vice-president of the Norwegian Sports Confederation. Para athlete Mia Larsen Sveberg (24) from Verdal has been nominated as youth representative, while Sebastian Henriksen from Tromsø has been proposed for re-election to the NIF board. The selection committee has also found a place for Astrid Strandbu (53) there.

Surprised last time

Kjøll was selected in a thrilling duel against Sven Mollekleiv in the sports council in 2019. Mollekleiv was then a candidate for the selection committee.

As president, he had to face a number of difficult problems, such as the pandemic, the Ukrainian war, the electricity crisis, and others. the much talked about notification case against council member Marco Elsafadi.

You can watch the entire press conference here:

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