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As no one doubts that Lise Klaveness has played a key role in the long process that has finally given rise to the long awaited news that Norway’s biggest football star for several years will be back in the red national team jersey.

After Klaveness was given the role of elite director, a slow approach between the overly steeped parties began. Finally, the observations of the elite directors also came to the stands in Lyon, where Hegerberg always played his club matches.

But when it comes to the fifth year of the conflict, even the best announced surprises are still shocking. So is this one.

Because in the same way as when Hegerberg had a break, news that it would end was a time difference for Norwegian football. With Ada Hegerberg in the team, Norway is again a medal candidate at the championship, the first of which was the postponed European Championship, which was played in England in July.


As a player, football president Lise Klaveness had an offensive mindset and was good at dribbling. But he is more of an elegant facilitator than a clinical goalscorer.

PLAYER: Klaveness has taken the qualities of the football field with him, according to commentator NRK.

Photo: Lise Serud / NTB

These are qualities he has taken over in the leadership role he has taken at the Norwegian Football Association.

And which has now resulted in a win for creative peace broker Lise Klaveness.

On 29 August 2017, Ada Stolsmo Hegerberg sent out a press release that he was taking a break from national team games indefinitely, after a conflict that had been going on since at least the European Championships that same summer.

Since then, he has been unable to approach Norwegian journalists or for that matter any other occupational group without being asked how long the national team break is.

With a possible comeback in the World Cup qualifier against Kosovo at the Sandefjord on April 7, the answer is 1683 days. In the context of football, that is a very long time.

Among other things, Ada Hegerberg has used that time to become the first woman to receive the glorious Golden Ball, which is awarded to the world’s best footballer, in 2018.

HEgerberg, 2018

THE BEST IN THE WORLD: There’s Hegerberg with the Golden Ball in 2018.

Photo: Christophe Ena / AP

The following year, he became the most goalscoring player of all time in the Champions League.

And since 2020, he has been injured almost continuously, until he returned to the club team in October.

Dan continues to have the most important thing for all Norwegians when he returns to the only mother country who most wants answers to:

When will he return to the national team?

It’s easy to think that the national team break will last until Martin Sjögren’s term as national team manager ends.

About Hegerberg in 2017 emphasized that the reason for the break-in «Much of it is outside of Sjögren’s coaching responsibility»so the ability to solve it is obviously also non-existent.

Sjøgren, Hegerberg, 2017

COOL: Martin Sjögren and Ada Hegerberg just before the latter announced the national team break.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

Therefore, the cheers were also limited when Sjögren and his assistant Anders Jacobson last fall were awarded contract extensions until the end of the 2023 World Cup.

Partly because the results are hard to say to justify the acknowledgment, partly because they envision two new championships without the potential of the world’s best striker on the Norwegian national team.

It turned out not to be so.

On Wednesday, Norway will have two senior national teams for the first time, both of whom are among the world’s best strikers. In football, it always gives hope.

On the same layer

But in the midst of that excitement, there is also no reason to believe that the turbulence in the Norwegian national team has finally ended with this.

Ada and Gerd Stolsmo Hegerberg

IMPORTANT: Gerd Stolsmo gives his daughter Ada Hegerberg a congratulatory hug after the Champions League final in 2019.

Photo: LISI NIESNER / Reuters

With Ada Hegerberg’s return to the national team, one might also think that sister Andrine is closing in on a second chance, if she finds her way back to her highest level at her Swedish club Häcken – although the national team management insists that there are only sporting reasons why big sisters don’t either. playing with the flag on his chest since the famous summer of 2017.

The Hegerberg family also includes a profiled mother in the form of Gerd Stolsmo, who has a clear voice in discussions surrounding the soccer association’s treatment of girls. In particular, criticism appears in his book with a name that speaks “football mom” from 2019.

At that time, efforts to create reconciliation had already been made by the elite director Lise Klaveness. Stubbornness on both sides of the conflict is very strong. Until now. Where is the time for peace, hopefully forever.

But fruitful reconciliation also requires goodwill from across the national team, where other players have emerged in increasingly central roles in recent years.

Norway - Denmark match during the women's soccer European Championship.  (0-1)

PROFILE: Graham Hansen and Hegerberg.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

In this way, it will be interesting to see how to find a new balance, where other profiles, such as Caroline Graham Hansen, will now find rhythm and understanding with the missing women of the national team, who along with sister Andrine and writer Harald Rosenløw Eeg in January itself. giving without a book with the prophetic title «On the same team».

For the Norwegian national team, the sporting potential has suddenly become extraordinary ahead of this summer’s European Championship. At the same time, Martin Sjögren’s task was to create a functioning unit of the multiple personalities in his squad.

But if the uncertainty factor remains, the stars have at least one thing in common:

They are all women presidents now.

Andrine Hegerberg, Caroline Graham Hansen, coaches Martin Sjögren and Ada Hegerberg

MUST reconcile: Andrine Hegerberg, Caroline Graham Hansen, coach Martin Sjögren and Ada Hegerberg.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

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