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Alexander Lukashenko On October 21, at a military training ground in the Brest region, he inspected the “military-industrial complex development”. During the press conference, dictator Belarus asked by journalists whether the third should be feared war world. He replied “unofficially”. “We should expect everything,” he said.

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Aleksandr Lukashenko threatened: We have never been this close to World War III

During a press conference held during Lukashenko’s visit to the training ground, journalists questioned the leader Belarus about the threats associated with the war in Ukraine. The dictator admits that the situation is serious. He said he had to speak “unofficially” and be “totally honest.”

– We’ve never been closer to III war world. However, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it, because that would result in the destruction of everything and everyone. And who wants to die today? said Lukashenka. Later, he decided to look at the military situation a little more “philosophically”. – It’s a little cold today, but the sky is clear and clear. We have everything. Why do we want to lose it? – added.

On the one hand, Lukashenko scares, on the other hand, he convinces. He said everything is to be expected.

Europe he was afraid of this war and did not want it. And that will not happen until nuclear weapons are used. Although not necessarily, because there are various types of weapons, but God forbid to use them – he told journalists. Recorded conversations posted by belt TV.

A Belarusian special forces officer fled the country. “Lukashenka is frightened”

Belarus. Lukashenko inspects military equipment

Previously, the Belarusian leader checked what equipment he had soldiershow interest in each device.

He was provided with reconnaissance drones, attack systems and unmanned reconnaissance helicopters, he said. Agent Belt.

– Does that mean we see everything on earth? How strong is he in battle? How much can you earn per month? What’s the performance? asked the dictator. According to Belta, some of the products are in service, some are undergoing testing, and some will be handed over to the military for experimental use.

Belarusian President Alexander LukashenkoBelarus. Lukashenko advises how to live in peace. “Do what I say”


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