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– Here, the NFF and Kolbotn thought on Monday that today’s match was justifiable. Huge hole, lots of sand, uneven and poorly marked, he wrote on Instagram with this photo:

RESPONSE: John Arne Riise reacted to the process.

Photo: John Arne Riise / Instagram

Riise explains to NRK, and thinks they should play on artificial turf and wait with grass.

– It cannot be justified, and I understand that it has been cancelled. It was impossible to play the match. The process until we got to the stadium, very amateurish from the NFF and Kolbotn, said Riise.

– amateur

The two teams were actually supposed to meet on Wednesday night for the clash at Toppserien, but just hours before the start, the league announced that the match had been cancelled.

The reason is, the field was rejected by the match delegation and the referee.

– This could be resolved on Monday with a move to artificial turf, which they have been playing for all season. Amateurs, wrote Riise.

John Arne Riise

ERROR: John Arne Riise wasn’t impressed that the game against Kolbotn was finally called off.

Photo: Lars Thomas Nordby / NRK

Coach Avaldsnes said they were told the match was called off about an hour before the start of the match.

– In the end, there’s nothing we can do about it. “They can finish better on Monday, and then we can just make the most of it and watch LSK against Vlerenga, then we’ll go home tomorrow,” said Riise.

The top series Twitter account wrote that the course was approved earlier this week, on Monday. Two days later it was rejected.

NRK has tried to get comment from the Norwegian Football Association, but has yet to receive a response.

Critical for the municipality

In a press release, Kolbotn stated that an inspection of the course was carried out on Monday, during which three points for improvement were indicated.

The track must be flushed, as it looks too hard, small holes in the track must be filled or leveled and the track markings must be strengthened.

The club said the municipality implemented measures to fix it, but nonetheless the course was rejected, and Kolbotn supported the decision to cancel the match. Now they are going hard against the municipality, which is running the course.

– Kolbotn assumes that Nordre Follo Municipality takes top football for women more seriously in the future, so that we can continue football at the highest level in this municipality.

The municipal government responded to this statement.

– We take top-flight football in Kolbotn very seriously, and we are always working to make the pitch as good as possible. However, the grass field at Sofiemyr Stadium is not very hot, and because of that we are completely dependent on a good climate at the start of the year. There is now advanced telecommunications in the field, which is challenging in terms of getting the line in the best condition, said Gry Larsen, business manager at Road and Park, municipality of Nordre Follo.

Expected to complete

Kolbotn IL general manager Harald Vaardal said the club regretted that the match could not be played on Wednesday.

– It shouldn’t be like that, and we hope to finish the game. We received a signal from the NFF that it could be played on the pitch in a few steps. Then we believed it could work, Vaardal told NRK.

Municipalities have courses, and it is they who initiate these measures themselves.

– They said they thought it was enough, and because of that we thought the match could be played, said Vaardal.

He said that they should water the paths, fill in some of the holes that appeared during the winter and they should mark the paths more clearly. But that’s not enough.

– We were told that the pitch was not safe to play on and they had to look after the safety of the players and coaches, he explained.

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