American company fined after illegally collecting facial images

Edwards also added that people expect their personal information to be respected, wherever in the world their data is used.

– Must have a legal basis

In Norway, the Data Inspectorate is aware that several authorities in Europe have imposed sanctions on Clearview, and they say they are following developments.

INCLUDES: Ylva Marrable Section Manager at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Photo: lja C. Hendel / Datatilsynet

– All processing of personal data must have a legal basis, and this also applies to information collected from open sources. In addition, it challenges the right to receive information about who is processing personal data about us for what purpose, Ylva Marrable, section manager at the Data Inspectorate, told Finansavisen.

– Information closely related to us as individuals, such as our faces, should be used with care and it is important to prevent misuse of such tools, Marrable said.

Open case against Kripos

Clearview also operates in Norway, and the Data Inspectorate is currently processing several cases against the company.

“Among these, we have received complaints that raise questions about the legality of the Clearview AI service, and we are considering how to follow up with the company,” Marrable said.

In addition, the audit has opened a case against Kripos. A Kripos employee is said to have used Clearview AI to search for 30 people with images taken from investigative materials. The case is being processed now.

In 2020, the European Privacy Council expressed concern about the development of this type of technology. This comes mainly because Clearview is used by various police authorities in Europe, Marrable said.

Feeling misunderstood

Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That said in a statement that he was deeply disappointed that the IOC had “misinterpreted” the technology and its intentions.

“My company and I have acted in the best interests of the UK and its people by assisting police in solving horrific crimes against children, the elderly and other victims of immoral acts,” he said in a statement.

According to Hoan, his company only collects images from open sources, and he claims that they comply with all privacy and legal standards.

In addition to the UK, Clearview has also been fined by authorities in France, Italy and Australia. The fine from British authorities came after a joint investigation with his Australian counterparts, CNBC wrote.

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