Americans applaud Poland. “The real silent hero is Poland”

German and the United States recently made headlines by deciding to send a tank to Ukraine. But the unsung hero behind this groundbreaking decision is actually Poland, wrote Diane Francis, editor-in-chief of the National Post in Canada, on the Atlantic Council’s website.

“Polish leader plays key role”

Polish leaders, he argued, played a key role in convincing Berlin in particular of the need to equip Ukraine with modern tanks. This is the latest example of Polish leadership over the past year Europe facing the continent’s largest armed conflict since World War II.

The author points out that Poles are deeply concerned about signs of deepening relations between Berlin and Moscow and are vocally against the German partnership in Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream II. Polish politicians see this strategic energy infrastructure project as a modern version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, initiated explosion World War II and the invasion of Poland by the Nazi and Soviet regimes.

Poland as a pillar of security on the eastern side of the Alliance

Great role today Poland in European security policy is not entirely new – experts point out Atlantic Council. Since joining FOR THIS in 1999, Poland became a pillar of security on the eastern side of the Alliance. This was made possible, the authors say, thanks to Poland’s strategic location and extraordinary economic growth, which helped finance the rapid modernization and expansion of the country’s armed forces. The Polish army is currently considered the twentieth strongest army in the world.

Poland In many ways, it sets the standard for Europe’s humanitarian response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, stressed Diane Francis. Since the start of the invasion, Poland has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other European country, while providing a number of benefits, such as access to health and education services, and employment opportunities.

Over the past year, Polish authorities have registered more than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees. Poland it is also a major donor of military aid to Ukraine, the authors emphasize.

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