Americans hate female champions. They whistled at Kvitová, instead, they praised her mistakes

Miroslav Harnoch

8/31/2023 11:11

Petra Kvitová said goodbye to the US Open tournament on Wednesday. But her match against another major champion, Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark, received little respect from the home crowd.

The US Open second round match between fellow Grand Slam champion Petra Kvitova and Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki took place at Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest court at the complex at Flushing Meadows.

Female tennis players can’t help but wonder what noise the fans make. The Czech also complained about the noise to the referee, who replied that things would not get any better and he would have to put up with the noise from the insensitive fans.

The crowd even whistled at Kvitova and celebrated her mistake, as they supported Wozniacki.

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