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An incident between a student and a teacher occurred in late February on Mozartova Street on Jablonec Street. He slapped two of them. The situation at the school was very tense because the principal wanted the teacher to be dismissed from his job immediately. The founder of the school, namely the town hall of Jablonec, also had to finish it.

What really happened at school? The situation was explained by the teacher himself. “When I was moving a large group of students, I heard noises in the locker room between the lockers. I saw one of the students kicking his classmate. Since he didn’t respond to the verbal challenge, I grabbed his shirt, pulled him out of the crowd and slapped him. When I let go of the student , he got entangled in the children and fell. Furthermore, the second student mocked everyone and also received a slap,” explained.

At the same time, the teacher has worked in education since 1985, and he has taught directly at the Mozart School at the Jablonec School since 1999. According to the city hall, he had never committed a similar offence before.

I am very sorry, the teacher said

He himself regretted the whole situation. “I realized that I shouldn’t have come up with such a solution to this situation and I deeply regret it. I apologize to the parents of both students. I handled the situation with the intention of preventing further aggression. In one of the sixth grades, where I was also a classroom teacher, similar offenses students committed in the past.” added.

However, the principal decided to immediately dismiss the teacher. However, this triggered a strong reaction in the school including teachers, parents and students. The principal and teachers have to face the whole situation to finish the town hall. “I realized that my quick actions caused disproportionate emotions and in the end it was a bad solution. I reconsidered my quick decision and found a solution that would allow the whole situation to be properly evaluated and resolved.” headmaster said Karel Opočensk.

He won’t teach until it’s finished

The teacher will eventually remain in the school, but will not teach until the entire incident is resolved. “I’m happy for this reassessment, where the director also takes into account the human side of everything,” appreciated by the teacher himself.

However, according to the principal, it remains unacceptable for a teacher to physically attack a student. “I want to guarantee parents a safe school where they don’t have to worry about the health and safety of their children.” added the director.

The founder of the school, namely the town hall, could also be satisfied with calming the situation down. “I am pleased that there has been a reassessment of the principal’s decision and, subsequently, an agreement with the teacher, which is acceptable to both.” closed Deputy Mayor David Mánek.

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