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In June, the Norwegian Chess Federation announced that Simen Agdestein would not seek re-election as president of the federation. Agdestein was elected as the new president last year, but after a year in office, he seems to have had enough.

At the same time, the association’s selection committee nominated Joachim Nilsen as the new chess president. Several members of the selection committee told NRK that Agdestein did not want to continue, and therefore they had to find other alternatives.

That caused Agdestein to react. The 55-year-old claims he is unwanted in the presidential role.

I’m ready to try further, yes. There is a lot of unpaid work, but I am ready to keep doing it. But the election committee thought otherwise, he told NRK.

So what are they saying wrong?

– That’s wrong, huh. But I can fight and run for re-election. I chose not to do so when the selection committee had a different recommendation.

READY: Agdestein said he was shocked when he allegedly received messages that he was not wanted as president. The Association believed that he was welcome to seek re-election.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen/NTB

– Absolutely clear

The chess profile claims to have received the message that he was unwanted at a meeting with election committee chairman Tallak Nærland in early June. Agdestein believes he was given a vague justificationwithout wanting to elaborate on what was said.

– I think we have a slightly different perception of reality, he answered briefly.

Agdestein was elected president during a chess congress last summer and has said he is ready to take over in office.

– There is a kind of disbelief when you are not nominated. I don’t know more details about what’s behind it.

Dutch is, for his part, clear that the 55-year-old is welcome to continue, if he himself so chooses. According to the chairman of the election committee, Agdestein received a lot of credit for his presidential work in his second conversation, but added:

– At the same time, he also received concrete feedback on what didn’t work out for him as president. The details here could be explained by Agdestein himself if he wanted.

Tallak Nærland

COMMITTEE CHAIR: Nærland confirmed that he and Agdestein spoke at length on the phone about his future as chess president.

Private photo

– Simen may experience it as a criticism, although the positive side is also highlighted. Then I said it was up to him to run for president again, but if he doesn’t nominate we are ready, he continued.

– Absolutely clear

Nærland said that it was also conveyed that they did not have anyone willing to run against him, but they did have potential candidates if Agdestein did not vote to run again.

– He considers the feedback to be vague and that you have a different perception of reality. What do you think he put in it?

Now I’m not inside Simen’s head. He may disagree with the content of the non-positive feedback.

– If he experiences it as disbelief, it does not fit the way it is presented. But of course it is difficult to get negative feedback and, continued the head of the committee.

The feedback from Agdestein then became clear, according to Nærland.

– He replied that it was unnatural to ask. It’s a bit about owning the process itself. It’s up to you, you control the process. We have no opposing candidates wishing to run. He was also informed about it.

Nærland was supported by election committee member Truls Jørgensen, who said that the election committee’s communications with Agdestein concluded that he had not voted to run as a presidential candidate.

If he chooses to run, the election committee will nominate him, said Jørgensen.

-VThe algae committee has been quite clear that we have no intention of removing Simen Agdestein, but he alone has to judge whether he is a candidate or not.

Norwegian Chess Federation Congress

HEVET HODE: Agdestein works daily as a chess trainer at Norges Toppidrettsgymnas and says it’s in that role that he realizes many of his ambitions for chess.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen/NTB

– Not appreciated

Agdestein was surprised when he received the feedback, but indicated he didn’t have a sour face and was relieved to leave the post. However, he still had some unanswered questions.

– First of all, I’m a little wondering what they think. Then I thought of something the king used to say, which is if they want me, that’s fine and if they don’t, that’s fine too.

– But it’s annoying that things are not seen and appreciated. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this and I think I’ve done some important things, continued chess profile.

– Do you feel that the cooperation with the administrators went well during your time as president?

– Healthy. The most important thing is that we have good administration, and I think we have now. They are the ones showing up every day and submitting ongoing tasks.

The election committee has now nominated Joachim Nilsen as the new president of the Norwegian Chess Federation. Nilsen previously had Chairman of the youth chess association and working with Agdestein.

Chess champion against 82 school students

NEW PRESIDENT: Joachim Nilsen (right) will become the new president of the Norwegian Chess Federation.

Photo: Torstein Sørheim Bjørkås / NRK

– My main wish is for the chess association to function properly. I think it will work with Joachim as the new president and general secretary and those working in the office now. That could be very good, said the abdicating president.

The final presidential decision will be taken on Sunday 10 July during the 104th congress of the Norwegian Chess Federation in Kongsvinger.

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