Another person hit by a train near a shopping area in Havířov | Havířov | News

The accident occurred on a Wednesday shortly after 6pm. The man ran in front of the oncoming train and suffered very serious injuries in the ensuing collision. Medics from the Hávíř rescue service, firefighters and police officers stepped in immediately after the announcement. During the intervention, rail traffic was limited in the area, with some trains being diverted through Bohumín.

The passenger train is traveling from the direction of Český Těšín to Opava. Seeing someone on the track, the driver began to brake and honked intensively. However, he could no longer prevent the collision. Unfortunately, the efforts of rescuers to save the 44-year-old man’s life were in vain.

Pavla Jiroušková, spokesperson for the MSK Czech Republic Police: “At this time, I can only confirm that the police are investigating the circumstances of the accident in which a person was hit by a train. The person supposedly entered the track directly in front of a passing train and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Traffic on the track has been stopped. Investigators have stopped.” Havířov’s crime is establishing the identity of the person and other circumstances of the tragic event.”

The scene of the accident was located around a bend, the train driver was unable to react in time to people crossing the track. The people there cut their way to the shopping area. In general, crossing the tracks outside the designated places is prohibited.

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