Another victory for the Norwegian men’s biathlon team – winning the relay in Anterselva

Norway has been outstanding this season and stands at three of three possible relay winners ahead of Sunday’s race. Therefore, the Norwegian team must bear the stamp of favorite in the competition.

They didn’t seem too bothered by that as they won the relay in Anterselva in winning fashion. France finished second, one minute behind. Germany took third place, more than two minutes behind Norway.

With one win to go, the Norwegian team is the favorite to win the discipline in WC. World Cup leader Johannes Thingnes Bø is still yet to cash in on his previous win.

– Oberhof is perhaps the arena that throughout history has had the greatest influence on the relay. Anything can happen there. Maybe that’s what our competitors needed to have an opportunity like today, Thinnes Bø told NRK after the race.

Nice beginning

Sturla Holm Lægreid opened well for the Norwegian and only used one extra shot at his feet. Tarjei Bø was thus able to start the second stage in third, 12 seconds behind the leader.

Bø used an extra shot in a prone shot, but went well down the lane and kept Norway in touch with France who took the lead. In a standing shot, Bø delivered perfectly and Norway took the lead.

Get hold of your sleeve

Norway’s mainstay card is Thingnes Bø in the third round. Stryningen was at his best and, as always, put in a brilliant performance on his stage. Thingnes Bø used two extra shots on a fielder, but produced a lightning-quick series on a standing shot and sealed Norway’s lead 30 seconds into the final leg.

As a broadcaster, Christiansen defends the Norwegian leadership. Christiansen used only one extra shot on each of his two and Norway won.

This weekend’s World Cup competition is the last before the WC in Oberhof kicks off on February 8.

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