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The organizing committee apologized to its members for the handling of this case.

Thus the press release sent on Saturday afternoon.

The Norwegian Athletes Committee represents the interests and views of the Norwegian elite athletes, but after the committee chair Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen start talking to ensure that no athlete is discriminated against on the basis of a passport, at least things have been summarized.

Rower Kjetil Borch said bluntly that his faith in Jacobsen was seriously weakened, and combined runner Espen Bjørnstad described the performance as a surprise.

Golberg: He’s part of a bigger game

In a post on Facebook, the organizers are a bit flat. The apology can be read in the fact box here:

Cross-country runner Pål Golberg is still unimpressed:

– It’s a pity and I think you understand the power of the media. This can be solved very easily in another way.

– What do you mean by unlucky?

– If we had received an email from Astrid prior to the meeting, which had been reproduced in the media, it would have been easier for us to respond, and it would have been easier to have the opportunity to take a point of view, she enthusiastically replied.

But Golberg clarified that he did not blame committee chairman Uhrenholdt Jacobsen.

SKEPTICAL: Pål Golberg.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

– He is another part in a bigger game. I know Astrid well and she’s been on this side of the fence herself.

– What do you mean he’s a pawn in a bigger game?

– After all, he belongs to a large organization and, as he said well, his opinion means nothing. He should be able to see several points of view. I don’t need that. I can say exactly what I mean.

– What is your relationship with the IOC?

– Having participated in three Olympics in Russia, South Korea and China so… I guess I don’t need to say more than that, said Golberg, before he continued:

– This may not be a ski area.

Appreciate the apology

Kombinertess Jørgen Graabak previously criticized Jacobsen’s message that banning on passport grounds violated human rights.

Human Rights: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Not human rights: To be able to participate in the World Cup races in skiing. Simple math, finished speaking, Graabak signed Twitter.

Tweet from Jørgen Graabak
Photo: @JrgenGraabak/Twitter

Having said that, I want to commend Astrid for coming out and apologizing. Admitting mistakes and apologizing is almost a lost art, which it certainly shouldn’t be. Life is about getting better and being a good fellow human being. To achieve that goal, we must try, fail and learn. I make mistakes every day, which we all do, Graabak told NRK on Saturday.

He emphasized that he had not changed his view regarding the essence of the case, but he appreciated the apology.

I think it shows respect for him to come out and apologize. If I know Astrid correctly, her intentions are always good. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss, said Graabak.

Preposition: – It would be fine to consult

– To some extent, I agree with that. That would be fine and have been consulted before someone makes a statement on my behalf. I know absolutely nothing about the process.

This is how Johann André Forfang responded to a recent apology.

– You’ve never heard of this before?

– No, Forfang answered bluntly, before saying that he thinks Russian and Belarusian athletes should be banned as long as the war continues.

– Do you still believe in the Athlete Committee and the work they do?

– Yes, slips do happen. Just have to continue to trust them, said the jumper.

Joint runner Ida Marie Hagen also appreciated the apology.

World Cup in the Nordic event in Lillehammer


Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

– I think it’s good that there will be an apology. Maybe it’s good that he came back and said sorry, was the comment.

He is supported by his teammate Mille Marie Hagen:

– I think it’s good that they apologized if they had spoken on someone else’s behalf, before the matter was properly handled.

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