Apple and Amazon are starting to advertise on Twitter again

Subject to some security adjustments to Twitter’s advertising platform, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos plans to restart advertising on Twitter for about $100 million, Reuters reports.

The Amazon news comes the same day Musk announced that Apple had resumed advertising on the platform.

Musk said during an interview with Bloomberg on Saturday that Apple had “completely resumed” advertising on Twitter. Musk also added that Apple is the biggest advertiser on the social media network.

FIND MUSK: Apple CEO Tim Cook called the Twitter boss into his office after Musk’s tirade against the IT giant last week. Photo: Bloomberg

Resolving misunderstandings with Apple

The comments from the world’s richest man come after he last week accused Apple of stopping advertising on Twitter and threatened to remove the app from the App Store. Musk also believes that the moderation policy on the App Store conflicts with freedom of expression.

Additionally, the head of Twitter complained that Apple was taking between 15 and 30 percent of digital sales via apps on iPhone phones, suggesting he would rather “go to war” than pay Apple’s platform fees.

Following the allegations, Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook where he claimed they had a good conversation and resolved a “misunderstanding” that Twitter could potentially be removed from the App Store.

After Musk bought Twitter, a number of companies stopped advertising on the platform, due to uncertainty about whether the platform would revise its guidelines for combating hate speech and misinformation, wrote Bloomberg.

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