Archaeologists in Denmark have unearthed the remains of a rare Nazi submarine. He came down two days before the war ended

Submarine U-3523, found off the northern coast of Denmark, is considered to be the most modern submarine Germany produced during World War II.

Watch an animation showing the submarine’s unusual position.

Copenhagen – Archaeologists from the Jutland Museum in Denmark they found the wreck of the unique German submarine U-3523 off the north coast, which was sunk by the British Air Force two days before the end of World War II. Danish media reported it on Friday.

“It was the most modern submarine Germany produced during the war. A truly modern ship ahead of its time,” the director of the Jutland War Museum told Danish news agency Ritzau.

The Type XXI diesel-electric submarine was sunk by the Royal Air Force on 6 May 1945 in the Skagerrak Strait, which connects the Baltic and North Seas. During World War II, Germany had only two ships of this type in active service. The latter is currently located in the North Sea port of Bremerhaven and serves as a museum.

58 crew members died on board the submarine. It is not known if there was anyone else on board. However, according to experts, it is likely that the moment of capitulation is just around the corner Germanone of the high-ranking Nazis tries to escape in a submarine.

After the war, there were many rumors that the Nazi leaders fled Germany with the help of submarines, including U-3523, and that they were also carrying Nazi gold. The Type XXI submarines were the first true submarines, as their design allowed them to spend long periods of time deep beneath the surface.

German submarine from World War II.

German submarine from World War II. | Photo:

The U-3523 has such a range that it can sail to South America at once. It was unclear whether South America would be the destination of the submarine’s final voyage, he said Museum of Jutland.

Scientists have no plans to raise the newly discovered sub, which lies at a depth of 123 meters, although there are rumors that there may be valuable items inside. According to the museum, the location of the wreck is very unusual. The bow of the ship was pushed into the seabed and the stern rose 20 meters.

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