Arkadiusz Mularczyk, politician for ungrateful duty. Now he will have a new mission – Wprost

War Loss Reportthat Poland suffered as a result of the German invasion and occupation was a great success for Mularczyk, although – as he himself emphasized – it was a collective work, and he only played the role of coordinator. The document sparked discussions about Germany’s responsibility for World War II and possible compensation for our country, and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note on this issue to the federal government.

In early October, Mularczyk spoke in an interview with “Wprost” with the satisfaction that the report was written by media around the world and that it was not easy for Germany to close the topic with the statement that war reparations were legally not because of us, because a sense of justice was at stake. He then added that diplomacy must now deal with this issue on its own. Now he will be diplomatic on his own.

Mission – inspection

Arkadiusz Mularczyk spread his wings in politics for a long time, performing various tasks selflessly. He became a deputy in 2005 from the PiS list, and already in 2007 he was involved in a serious case – he represented the Sejm before the Constitutional Court in matters of lustration law, namely universal access to the resources of the National Institute of Memory. It was then that he became famous for his request to withdraw two judges from the adjudication panel whose names he found in the Institute’s archives.

His actions received a very bad reception in the judiciary.

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