Armda mn beret color. Khaki std green refers to tradition

The Slovak Armored Brigade in Great Britain wears a beret of the same color. He also became an inspiration when selecting a new leader who would dominate the army. So the soldiers were referring to historical context, says Status of Military History editor, Ale Knek.

Changes the color of the beret after some preparation. In 2019, the highest ensign of the army, as well as the commander, was awarded the mon. Of these variants, khaki was selected first (sometimes referred to as olives, editor’s note), which best fits historical references. The creation of new military units and their forms, as well as their transformation, led to further rights.

The light green was replaced by a historic khaki color that stems from the traditions of the Slovak Army and the wolf species. For now, prepare a new beret and start shipping, said General TV AR spokesman Ivo Zelinka.

The army quickly changed the original regulations, allowing the eight-colored beret to be worn over the military uniform. The current form has nine colors.

Light blue the color is traditionally determined by the military forces of the United Nations. erna even under the noses of the military police. Dark blue now not only designed for the air force and students in the field of aviation for the needs of the air force, but also for news journalists.

Comparison of the new khaki beret and the old light green beret that soldiers can wear until the end of June 2023

Special words and inserts are the traditional nose dark red beret. The same colors will also be worn by Estonian Army AR soldiers. Dark green colors are determined by reconnaissance, electronic warfare forms and units, cyber and information operations forces and members of Military Intelligence.

Military mid-bike students, outside of the air suspension field, will wear them light greenlogistics experts, military medics, and soldiers form a communication and information system ed.

Blue the colors were painted by soldiers of Hradn stre and Military Office of the President of the Republic.

And lastly, the Estonian army and str AR soldiers, will wear new interchangeable ones drill beret.

Star-colored berets can be worn by soldiers until late summer at the latest.

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