Arrogant bitch, asked Natvan Ardernov. The DPR sent the letter

The decision was made during the third interpellation, when libertarian Act party leader David Seymour asked truce if he could provide examples of when he made mistakes, apologize and make amends.

In his reply, Ardernov acknowledged that his government had made a mistake. For example, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We know your isolation is hard on the public, but we are doing everything in the best interest of the country, he said, adding that the cabinet is proud of the work that has been done.

Then the lieutenant sat down next to his underling and once again spoke to Seymour: arrogant k*kot (stab in English). But little did he know that his microphone was still on at that moment and his comments were soundless.

Seymour later asked Ardernov to take back his notes and apologize, the truce at the time was not in a bad state. His spokesman later stated that he personally apologized to Seymour for his words.

The real reason we’re looking is for New Zealanders to be worried about rising prices. Premirka texted me saying she was sorry she didn’t have such a thing. I drank it, Seymour said later.

Ardernov is one of the few politicians who has been caught on the microphone in recent months. US President Joe Biden thought he was broken when in January he called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a stupid experiment after he asked him about inflation.

Later, Biden showed a similar behavior to himself, when he became President Jin of Korea Jun Sok-yol at the UN General Assembly he stated: How could Biden not lose TV if he lost to these people in Congress, he said referring to the American election that was taking place at the time.

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