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The former world champion at the start of the hunt ended the season after the Olympics to defend the country from Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. When NRK spoke with Pidrushny in late February, he was enlisted in the National Guard and stationed in the city of Ternopil.

Since then, the 30 year old man was silent, but after he saw the interview Fourcade gave GamesTVhe posted a post on Instagram.

GETS CRITICIZED: Simon Fourcade is now the junior coach for France.

Photo: Matthias Schrader / AP

– I haven’t been able to write here for a long time, but yesterday’s interview that Simon Fourcade gave to Russian journalists, made me angry. So I decided to take the time to share my opinion on the role of sport in politics and war, wrote Pidrushny and gave the following message to Simon Fourcade and his more meritorious brother Martin:

– I hope your children will never feel the pain that Ukrainian children go through. Children who have left their homes, who have heard explosions, who have seen their mothers raped and their relatives killed.

Fourcade against exception

The raving on Instagram comes just a day after Simon Fourcade, who is coach of the national team for France’s juniors, told Russian media that the International Biathlon Federation (IBU) wrongly banned Russian athletes, as a result of the war in Ukraine.

– I think IBU is just following what other unions are doing. Maybe they are under pressure because of it. But I don’t think that expelling Russian practitioners and associations is a good decision.

Removing the practitioner itself is very strict. Therefore, I can not explain why it is now necessary to exclude the Russian Federation. I’m not a member of that association, so I can’t influence it. But for me, this is the wrong decision.

Biathlon - Men's 15km Mass Start

WORLD CHAMPION: Ukraine’s Dmytro Pidruchnyj was the world champion at the start of the hunt.

Photo: HANNAH MCKAY / Reuters

– Dritsekker

Therefore, it is this statement that makes Dmytro Pidruchny look red. In an Instagram post, he wrote that he regretted choosing the more famous Martin Fourcade Simon into the Athletes Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

– That the great athlete turned out to be an asshole, he wrote.

– How can one say that sport is out of politics when there are many athletes who wear Z on their clothes during concerts in Moscow in support of the war? Are they so innocent and suffering under power? Sport has always been a marketing tool for any country, so sport not politics has never been my goal, especially now.

He firmly believes that Russia and Belarus are not allowed to participate in international sports competitions.

Finnish Biathlon Chase

FORMER SKIER STAR: Martin Fourcade has unknowingly become part of the conflict between his brother Simon Fourcade and Dmytro Pidruchny.

Photo: Jussi Nukari / AP

– I believe that the entire population of Russia and Belarus is responsible for the people they choose and to whom they have forgiven previous crimes.

NRK has tried to get comments from Simon and Martin Fourcade. We haven’t been able to get a comment from Simon yet, but Martin Fourcade wrote the following:

– My only comment is that I got insulted after me because my brother gave an interview with his own views.

Fourcade:- I don’t support war

On Sunday, Simon Fourcade published a long post on his account instagram account in which he explains, among other things, that he is against war.

– So to be clear once and for all: I do not support war and I do not support the Russian government. Is that clear enough?!

He further wrote that his brother Martin had nothing to do with the case and should be kept away from the conflict. However, in the post, he emphasized again that he did not support the exclusion of Russian biathletes.

– So, yes, I did say that I do not support the decision to exclude Russian athletes from international competitions because I think it is completely counterproductive and a lot of hypocrisy.

– The majority of Russian athletes are against the war, but in fact they cannot say.

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