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Hundreds of people were injured, and more than 13,000 people left homeless after the quake, wrote Sky News who cites Detik local newspaper and

– I’m sorry to deliver the bad news. 162 people died, and 326 were seriously injured, most of which involved broken bones and injuries from collisions, said local governor Ridwan Kamil.

– 40 of the dead were children who were crushed by collapsed buildings. The injured remain unattended in hospital because there are not enough medical personnel, said a spokesman for the country’s crisis directorate.

The earthquake occurred on Monday at 13:21 local time (7:21 Norwegian time). Its depth was 10 kilometers, and the epicenter was in Cianjur, 100 kilometers southeast of the capital Jakarta.

– Several tens of people have died. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes have been destroyed. So far 44 people have died. Some areas are still isolated due to the landslides, said a government spokesperson in the city of Cianjur in West Java province.

The tremors made people in the capital, Jakarta, take to the streets.

Among the buildings destroyed were Islamic boarding schools, hospitals and other public buildings, according to Indonesia’s National Emergencies Directorate. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt sent his thoughts to those affected.

– Saddened by the bad news about the devastating earthquake in Java, the largest island in Indonesia. My thoughts go out to everyone who lost loved ones, everyone who was hurt and everyone affected. Norway supports the Indonesian people, signature Huitfeldt Twitter.

The case continues under the video

In his statement, the directorate wrote that he was still gathering information about the effects of the earthquake in various regencies.

– Many people died because their houses could not withstand the earthquake. Had the earthquake occurred at night, far more people would have died.

Several tall buildings in Jakarta swayed during the earthquake, but so far there have been no reports of serious damage in the capital.

There is no danger of a tsunami, the country’s meteorological and geophysical agency said.

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