Auction political statement on reparations from Germany

Two “competitive” statements regarding payments of war reparations from Germany were presented at the Thursday session of the Gdańsk City Council. One was put forward by the opposition, the other by the ruling coalition. Lastly, aside from the issue of support for compensation for war damages, there has been talk of the government finally meeting the conditions allowing the payment of money for the implementation of the National Reconstruction Plan. Both statements are accepted – without discussion.

Sejm resolution on seeking redress by Poland for damage caused to Germany during World War II was adopted in September.

In it, the Sejm called on the German government to “firmly accept political, historical, legal and financial responsibility” for all the consequences inflicted on Poland and its citizens as a result of the outbreak of World War II by the Third Reich.

Fear, contempt, respect only for soldiers - about the attitude of the Germans in September 1939
Fear, contempt, respect only for soldiers – about the attitude of the Germans in September 1939

The European Parliament stressed that Poland has never received compensation for the damage caused to the German state or compensation for the harm done to its citizens. The Sejm also stated that Poland had not renounced its claims against Germany. The Chamber also found that Poland received no compensation for losses incurred during World War II as a result of Soviet aggression.

Councilors celebrating Polish MPs in the Free City of Gdańsk
Councilors celebrating Polish MPs in the Free City of Gdańsk

The parliamentary draft was submitted jointly by the PiS, KO and PSL clubs. On Thursday, November 24, he also decided to take a stand on this matter Gdansk City Council.

Two statements about the same thing

Initially, only a statement from the PiS Club was on the agenda [choć do tej pory jego radni zawsze krytykowali zajmowanie się sprawami ogólnopolskimi na miejskich sesjach –] to support Poland’s claims for compensation for damage caused to Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II. But just before the session started, draft “competitive” statements about the same were also submitted by the KO Club and WdG.

Fill in the PiS Club statement:

  • PiS Club Statement.
  • PiS Club Statement.

Fill in the KO and WdG Clubs statements:
The two statements in the section on compensation are identical and both are addressed to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Poland.

The ruling knockout clubs and WdG, however, added to their draft a fragment about the government finally meeting the terms of payment by the European Union of funds provided for implementation of the National Reconstruction Plan.

Appeal for blocked EU funds

“Poland can count on EUR 58.1 billion (PLN 260 billion) under this program. This program provides for the transfer of EUR 23.9 billion (PLN 107 billion) to our country as non-refundable funds. The maximum loan amount for Poland is PLN 34.2 billion. This is very large and real money that can strengthen the Polish zloty and become another development impetus for our country,” the ruling coalition council members stressed in their statement.

Where are the billions from the National Recovery Plan?
Where are the billions from the National Recovery Plan?

– We support the government’s efforts to get reparations, but we believe that there should also be efforts to get money from KPO. Now is the time to say clearly to the government: get to work, get money from the European Union, which is due to Poland! the board members said at the meeting Beata Dunajewskapresident of the WdG Club.

Vote on statements without discussion. Both were approved by the City Council

Board members accepted both statements. The PiS Club Statement was adopted unanimously. By the knockout club and WdG statements, the PiS board members were not on the ballot.

Interestingly, neither statement was discussed. A formal motion for a vote on this issue was tabled without discussion Cezary Śpiewak-Dowborthe chairman of the KO Club.

– The submission of this statement to the City Council session by PiS council members is interpreted as an attempt to set a trap – for the democratic opposition in the Sejm and the ruling coalition in the RMG. There is no reason to discuss this topic today and we will not fall into this trap – Śpiewak-Dowbór justified.

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