Mexico, a country to take the backpack and go on an adventure

Downtown in CDMX
Deaths day in Mexico City


Thanks to the tourist diversity of Mexico, there are places for all tastes, as well as for those who like to walk around the world with a backpack on their backs and discover the best corners of each place. That is why here we leave a list of places to take advantage of and take one of the cheap flights to Mexico, as they seem to be made for travelers who are looking to start a new adventure without spending too much money.


Guanajuato and its historic center

Surely, anyone wants to take the trip to this majestic place and worthy emblem of Mexicans, a place where backpackers will undoubtedly live unique moments thanks to its history, its cobbled streets and its many sites made to be surprised and amazed. Here you can easily walk through its streets and stay in places where many other travelers are accompanied by their faithful backpack.


Cascade of Cusárare in Chihuahua

The largest state in Mexico always has to talk about nature, because it has impressive waterfalls and unique mountains in the world. Over time, he has won the love for those who seek nature and unparalleled views, such as the famous Cusárare waterfall and its imposing fall that will surely envelop any traveler who visits it and could even become one of the favorite places to admire and see the natural beauty of our world.


The imposing Teotihuacán

This millenary zone is a fundamental piece in the visit to Mexico, because for backpackers it is something difficult to find in another part of the world. Zones of this type of historical and spiritual importance, the pyramids of the sun and the moon await you so that at their summits you will be full of energy and start the year in the best way, fully recharged and with a new perspective to continue with the more positive vibes.

Gods place
Teotihuacan Mexico

Xilitla, San Luis Potosí

If what you want are panoramic views that look like outputs of a movie, this is the place you were looking for, in recent times this site has become everyone’s favorite thanks to the mysticism and nature that surrounds them, so you must include to this destination in your backpacking trip plan. Few are the sites that gather art, nature and history to form a true place of admiration.


San Cristobal de la Casas

With an imposing nature, Chiapas will wait with open arms to live a unique moment in this small town that protects a lot of tradition and good habits. Without doubt, this town can become a perfect place to disconnect from the world and have a completely relax.



In the Riviera de Nayarit they are always ready to receive those who are looking for charming towns, and this is the case of Sayulita, which in recent years has been a trend due to its great beauty and unique places that allow us to enter a full state of relaxation, this is why many artists have decided to make this place their home.


Riviera maya beach
Sayulita beach

Take the opportunity to meet great destinations with your backpack and make one of the cheap flights to Mexico one of the best experiences you could have.

Monterrey, one of the best cities to visit

Old Town Monterrey

Monterrey is a modern city that retains its traditional features and has a lot of attractions that show those two facets, such as its historic museums or skyscrapers that make us see why the city is considered a business city. However, beyond being a city where you work hard, any of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow us to know an iconic city that has many places to spend some exciting days.

Museums of great importance

* Museum of the Government Palace: It is located in the Santa Lucia Canal complex and was inaugurated in 2006 in a restored centenary building: Here you can learn some of the most important political, economic and social events in the history of Nuevo León.

* Museum of Mexican History: Although the design of its headquarters is avant-garde, this institution offers an exhibition about the history of Mexico from pre-Hispanic times to modernity. One of its spaces is dedicated to biodiversity and the geological aspects of Nuevo Leon and Mexico.

* Museum of the Northeast: It was another of the buildings conditioned during the modernization and restoration of the central helmet of Monterrey, and exhibits historical pieces of the territory. Currently occupied by Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and part of the US state of Texas.

Monterrey Pabellon Towers

The towers that will allow you to see the whole city

* Pabellón Monterrey Tower: It rises 214 meters, being the tallest tower in Monterrey and northern Mexico. In several points of its 50 floors, there are terraces to admire the city and its surroundings; it also has a hotel, convention center for 3800 people, brand stores, restaurants and other facilities.

* Ciudadana Tower: It has 180 meters, located in the Fundidora Park and is the second tower in Monterrey; it can be admired in all its majesty from the Santa Lucia Canal. The government owns it and most of its 36 floors are occupied by state government offices.

Ciudadana Tower

Places totally filled with history of the city

* Old Quarter: This is a place where when walking through its cobbled streets, you can admire beautiful colonial houses of the time in which the territory had the condition of a kingdom in the New World under the command of Spain.

* Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey: It is a beautiful eighteenth-century building that combines a baroque facade with the neoclassical style. In its architecture are distinguished a three-body tower, an octagonal dome and a central nave in which the chapels of its sides stand out, the chapel of the tabernacle is the most particular due to its silver front.

Old Town Monterrey

Go out and enjoy the delicious regional cuisine

The cuisine of Monterrey boasts dishes such as cabrito al pastor, machaca, arrachera, cuajitos and beans with poison, so called because they carry two types of chili peppers that make them truly powerful. The capital has a wide variety of places where you can enjoy the exquisite regional cuisine.
Give an opportunity to this magnificent city of continuous advance, take some of the flights to Monterrey Mexico and discover why it is one of the best cities to visit.

A day with camels in Los Cabos

Camels on the beach

There are endless travel experiences that you can be sure of doing at any beach destination, such as taking a quad bike tour on the sand, swimming with dolphins, or maybe board a boat to snorkel on a reef. Undoubtedly, they are very pleasant experiences, however, when you take any of the flights to Los Cabos you can find an experience worthy of the Middle East, we are talking about the opportunity to get on a Camel in an arid scenery and walk as if it were a journey through the desert.

Walk through the desert in Los Cabos

This trip has become one of the main routes of Los Cabos, this is because all people, when we think of camels, don´t see them as domestic animals, and rather we visualize them as animals of exotics that live in the conditions more extreme where man can hardly live. However, who wouldn´t like to live closely with this beautiful animal?

Moreover, it is like getting on this friend from the desert, it is like going back to history when in the Middle East they were used as transport and cargo animals. Today, despite new customs, camels are still beasts of burden and beasts to plow the land in places like Asia and Africa. Although the situation in Los Cabos is completely different, here really, camels are animals that have been domesticated and with proper care, they have become excellent companions for a walk.

Taking a ride in Camels
The place where the adventure begins

To live the experience you must move to Rancho San Cristóbal, it is an intact semi-desert natural reserve, among its facilities it has three turtle camps where, up to 70 thousand small turtles are released every year. The first thing you must do when arriving at the ranch is to board a four-ton shipment vehicle, which carries groups of up to fourteen people. This transport is resistant both in the jungle and in the desert, and was normally used in the Second World War by Germans and Swiss as military vehicles in the jungles, mountains and deserts.

From desert to beach

Passing the desert crossing, the vegetation changes as you approach the sea and this is thanks to the sea breeze, suddenly the panorama opens and you will find a virgin beach of fine sand, where the waves give a great spectacle worthy of being photographed. There is already the camel camp, where you will receive the trainers of the camels who will give you the safety instructions to make the walk in the sand, as well as teach us more about these majestic animals and their ways of life.

Camels Tours At the Cabos

The moment to walk

Once you have your helmet in the form of a turban on your head, you must climb the camel to be more than two meters from the floor, so hold on to the aluminum chair and enjoy the walk on the sand. All the way, you will be accompanied by a cameleer who will mark the route, and a photographer, who will keep the record of the experience where you rode a camel, so you remember it always, and soon you want to return on one of the flights to Los Cabos.


A weekend in Xochimilco Mexico

Magic Mexico Xochimilco Adventures

If you are about to take one of the flights to Mexico City and still don´t know how to spend a few days of pure fun unique in its kind, we recommend something different to everything you have read. How about camping or staying in a cabin on one of the wonderful Xochimilco chinampas with all your friends or family?
Maybe you have heard about the famous trajinera tours through the channels of Xochimilco before, but you rarely hear about camping in the beautiful chinampas that exist in this channel, and then we give you all the information you need to know to be able to camp during a weekend at the most famous lake in Mexico City.

Canals at Xochimilco

It is Eco Tourist Park “Michmani”, is the perfect place to enjoy a type of alternative tourism and relax without going far from the city, since this eco-tourist park is located in Xochimilco itself, next to the jetty of Cuemanco. Here are some activities that are perfect to enjoy your weekend, since you can find from kayak, recreational fishing, lunadas, huts on the chinampas, camping area and even a relaxing temazcal.

If you are going as a group, the ideal is to take most of the activities offered, this is because they manage fairly affordable prices with packages including dinner and breakfast. Although if you prefer, you can also take everything you need to stay, as they also have grills, just remember to go very well organized with your group, because to get to the chinampa can only be reached by trajinera and if they forget something or someone arriving late, transfers will have an additional cost.

Mexican Trajineras

When night falls and everyone is ready and installed they need to make a nocturnal tour in trajinera, accompanied by the legends that inhabit this magical place, are usually about an hour and it is classic to visit the spooky island of the dolls. On weekends, it is ideal because the closing hours are a bit later than usual, and if you want while you are on the route of the trajinera, you can listen to the best stories and legends of the place.

The environment care culture of the chinamperos that live there is magnificent, since you arrive they tell you that it is very important to keep it in good condition and not generate disorder in the environment, because here lives a very important endemic species called axolotl. It is an amphibian found in the channels of Xochimilco that is currently in danger of extinction, so helping to care for their environment will be one of the best actions during our visit.

Xochimilco Chinampas

It is incredible to spend a weekend in the Michmani camp in Xochimilco, because it seems that you are not inside the same city, because when the night falls you can see a starry sky very difficult to find. Don´t miss this opportunity the next time you take one of the flights to Mexico City, relax and learn more about a culture of environmental care and meet the peculiar species called axolotl.

Acapulco, a destination prepared for friendly fun

Sport Adventure at Acapulco

Due to the natural conditions of this coastal destination, water sports are one of the most important tourist activities and favorites of those who take any of the flights to Acapulco, this thanks to its immense and beautiful beaches. This place is the best in Mexico for water sports and for anyone who visits the city can enjoy each of the activities that can be practiced in the magical atmosphere of Acapulco. In fact, the tropical environment of the place is so friendly that tourists don´t need to have experience in the sports that they want to practice, so fun is the main thing.

Descent of rivers at full speed

Spectacular, challenging and with a very adventurous atmosphere, is how we can briefly describe the rafting or descent in rivers. This is one of the best and most accessible activities of adventure tourism, and here you can practice in a paradisiacal environment, and on the other hand, the descent in rivers allows us to observe different species of animals and plants. The most suitable place to do it in Acapulco is in the Papagayo River, which if anything stands out, is thanks to its rapids and currents that can become class II.

Friendly Scuba Diving Acapulco

A more demanding water ride

However, if you enjoy more of the water around you, with extreme speed, and alone, then it is time to talk about the kayak. We are talking about another of the funniest activities available in Acapulco, which also has the intense flow of the Papagayo River. Sailing in a kayak is a more demanding activity of the skills of its practitioners, which is distinguished from rafting by relying entirely on the talent of a single person.

The most beautiful views that Wind Surf offers


Acapulco offers us in its beautiful coasts, excellent winds for the practice of windsurfing, large numbers of travelers visit this city to measure their skills in this extreme sport, with impressive pirouettes and remarkable deployments of nautical technique required to practice this sport. According to the level of experience of the athletes, a certain Acapulqueña beach corresponds to them, since some are more demanding than others.

Friendly Surf Acapulco

Sport fishing is the favorite of many

Another entertaining activity to do, and for many one of the preferred ones in Acapulco, is the friendly sport fishing, since it is one of the sports that gets to gather a greater number of tourists and locals in the city. Both the shores of the sea and the lagoons of Guerrero are recommended for fishing at a high level, in this case, in addition to the Acapulco bay, we recommend visiting the lagoons of Tecomate and Coyuca, which have perfect species to make a good fishing Day.

Sport Fishing Acapulco

In general, Acapulco is an excellent place to practice surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and many other activities of the sea, because the privileged geography, the efficient tourism infrastructure that characterizes it and the service of the locals, are factors that will make the flights to Acapulco one of the best experiences, where everyone will spend moments of great fun.

Chiapas has unique places of its kind

Street in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

In the extreme south of Mexico is Chiapas, a state that is full of architectural, archaeological, ecotouristic, folkloric, culinary and artistic attractions. There are so many places that we can visit when we take one of the flights to Chiapas, we could be missing the most important ones to know, that is why we have brought for you a list of the most important and must-haves for you to take into account in your next trip.

Regional Museum of Anthropology and History of Chiapas

It is always good to start visiting a city or territory through its history museum, so you can plan your itinerary and organize it in an optimal way without forgetting anything historically important. This museum is in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital and largest city of Chiapas and is divided into two large environments, one for Mayan cultures and Zoques, while the other for the Spanish colonial period. Apart from its permanent exhibitions, the institution also exhibits temporary exhibitions that touch both ancient and modern subjects.

Palenque Ancient Ruins Of chiapas


This is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and Central America, which until today is still studied by various specialists, since most of its extension is still buried in the jungle. It has buildings in the typical Mayan pyramidal and quadrangular architecture perfectly preserved, such as the Temple of the Inscriptions, the Temple of the Count, the Temple of the Sun and the Observatory.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

This city founded in the sixteenth century has one of the most beautiful colonial areas of Mexico; the most notable architectural monuments are the cathedral, the temple and ex-convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman and the temple of La Merced. In addition, it has several museums, four of them very curious and interesting, the Museum of Mayan Medicine, Museum of Regional Costumes, Amber Museum and the Mesoamerican Jade Museum. Very close to the city, there are several ecological parks that are worth knowing.

Ambar Museum at San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

Chiapa de Corzo

It is 15 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez and was the first capital of the state of Chiapas; its folkloric and cultural wealth can be seen in its traditional neighborhoods, its millenary crafts, its delicious food and its parties. The main celebration is the Enero Party, or Grande Party, a fusion of pre-Hispanic and colonial traditions that lasts almost the entire month.

Jade Museum

Sumidero Canyon

This imposing canyon of the Sierra Norte de Chiapas, just 5 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, produces vertigo with its 1300 meters of depth. Lovers of natural observation visit this place that has national park status for the richness of its nature.

The annual calendar of Chiapas is full of parties in the different cities and towns of the state, so you can be almost sure that when you take one of the flights to Chiapas, in addition to enjoying the natural, cultural and historical wealth with which this place counts, you can be part of one of the most important and fun celebrations in the state, where we can advise you to spend it to the fullest enjoying music, food and especially the quality of its people.

Corners of Puerto Vallarta that you must visit

Puerto Vallarta beach

The greatest pride of Puerto Vallarta is among its most hidden paradises, those places of deep charm where few have been able to reach, places of which we have perhaps heard some anecdote and of which only a few have been able to witness its natural beauty. However, no matter how secret they may be, they are always willing to receive anyone who takes one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, so we have made this list of places to admire and discover another face of this great city.

The Arches of Mismaloya

One of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta is home to imposing rock formations where nature reigns. Mismaloya Arches are located south of the port in the heart of Banderas Bay; these colossal marine guards are home to various birds and colorful fish that paint their waters. In the place, you can practice diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

Conchas Chinas Beach

Within the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta is this beach of blue and white beauty, is divided into two areas for various activities, the first has an extensive territory of clear sand, ideal for walking towards the piles of rocks that form an arc. While the second part is an area of natural pools made of pure rock, where you can rest at leisure and practice snorkeling.

puerto vallarta place

Vallarta Botanical Garden

This place is an earthly paradise in the middle of the sea, has the oldest gardens in the area, in addition to having trails and bridges that cross this jungle plant. This site is located in the south near Boca de Tomatlan, and you can take some guided tours and various options to relax or taste some of its excellent restaurants.

The Eden


This beautiful place has an exotic nature and unique formations, it is 180 meters above sea level in the great jungle of Sierra Cuale, and it is without a doubt a spectacular adventure site surrounded by trees and an imposing valley. In the place, the Mismaloya River marks the rhythm with its natural waterfalls and emerald currents, and it is also recognized for having been the recording site for the movie The Predator.

predator in puerto vallarta

Majahuitas Beach

The greatest treasure of the Bay of Banderas can only be reached by sea; we speak of Majahuitas beach that is located within the romantic area of the port stealing the attention of travelers. Among its many charms has a reef of numerous underwater caves of great variety of animals, and is sheltered, behind them, by the jungle of Tuito, where an infinity of birds make this their home.

The Meetings and The Summers

This ejido of diverse happy rivers is the ideal place for lovers of heart to nature, has a line of zip lines, in addition to various camping sites, and has several viewpoints to unique landscapes, archaeological sites and bridges, where you can see the beauty of this site.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of all these places in your next trip plan when choosing one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and discover how these corners of the city hide a beauty without equal.



The traditional fair of the smiles of Leon Guanajuato

Guanajuato Feria

The year has just begun and many travelers already want to start new adventures to discover truly special places, and nothing better than starting these adventures with one of the flights to León Guanajuato, the capital of one of the states with more cultural, sports and artistic activities. The State Fair of León is the perfect excuse to enjoy mechanical games, craft exhibitions, sporting events and, of course, concerts at the beginning of the year. However, if you still lack reasons to make this trip, let us give you a few pretexts to encourage you to visit this wonderful land.

Access is very cheap

When we say that access to the Fair of León is very cheap, it is because it is really a bargain, because for only $11 pesos you will have access to the main space of the fair and many of its shows totally free. As well as the elderly and children have truly important discounts, that will make your visit still a better experience.

atractions in the fair

Most of their events are free

In addition, not because it is free means you will only see the technical high school band, but its international shows like multimedia shows, plays like The Swan Lake, or ice skating shows. To be clear about the events, it is best that you review your billboard details and decide on the shows that most attract your attention.

There is music for all tastes

There are also events, for which you do have to pay, but these concerts are really worthwhile, their musical offer offers options for all tastes and although the band and norteños are the most popular, it also has options for who like pop and electronic music, with international artists, who give a show worthy of admiration and enjoyment.

play places

The gastronomic offer

There is no need to leave the space of the fair to eat without remorse, the Fair of León is a great opportunity to taste the local cuisine in one of its restaurants or become a fan of some dishes that are served in food trucks. You can also take a good drink in the clubs installed especially for the event where you can taste the best craft beers in the region.

Enchiladas Potosinas

León has a great tourist offer

In addition to spending unforgettable moments at the Fair of León, you can also take advantage of the city’s attractions, such as the Expiatorio Temple, the Manuel Doblado Theater and the historic center. Take a little extra money to shop in their leather markets where you will find from a good jacket, to good shoes and the best thing is that they will be very cheap.

If you are looking for rest and be part of the culture of Guanajuato, you can´t miss the 2019 State Fair of León, where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and guest artists, perfect to harmonize your stay. The also known as the Fair of Smiles, takes place from January 11 to February 5, so you have enough time to take one of the flights to León Guanajuato, and be part of this celebration that has many surprises for you .

The Year of the Pig in Mexico City

China Town in Mexico City

On February 5 officially beguns the Chinese New Year, this will be the year of the Pig according to Chinese astrology, which is related to the fortune by his considered, fertile and noble personality. However, this party is not limited only to his native country, there are several places in the world where it is celebrated in a very peculiar way and with much euphoria, and one of these places is Mexico City, which celebrates this lunar New Year in different points of the city and with great joy during the first week of February. Therefore, don´t hesitate to celebrate this Chinese New Year to have good fortune and positive energy, take the opportunity to take one of the flights to Mexico City and take a trip to the following places that we will mention, where you can receive it in big.

Chinatown of Mexico City

chinese dragon
As its name says, this is one of the places par excellence to live this holiday to the fullest, here you can live this festival in a traditional way, enjoy demonstrations of martial arts, the traditional lion dance, the dragon parade, Chinese drums exhibition, special gastronomy and traditional rituals of this culture. The neighborhood is located in the Historic Center of Mexico City, very close to the Palace of Bellas Artes, it won´t be difficult to find because the music and the joy of this celebration will show you the way forward.

Confucius Institute

One of the best spaces to learn the Chinese language in Mexico City is the Confucius Institute, and during this season, it will open its doors to enjoy various activities such as workshops, festivals, dances, music, dance, lectures, gastronomic samples and even projections of classic and modern cinema of this country. Don´t miss the opportunity to learn more about this interesting culture and expand your horizons, the place is on Monte Stanovoi Street in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, it is not difficult to get there.

China Town Confucius Institute

National Museum of World Cultures

For the fifth consecutive year, the National Museum of World Cultures joins the celebrations of the Chinese New Year with a program that goes from the presentations of the dance of the lion and the dragon. A conference about the Chinese calendar, Feng Shui and Metaphysics, workshops so you can learn more about this culture, singing and dancing presentations, parades, martial art demonstrations and many more surprises, they are waiting for you in Moneda street of the Historical Center.

Chinese Calendar animals

If you were looking for the perfect excuse to encourage you to take one of the flights to Mexico City, this has arrived and what better than with a whole party that will last a full week, where besides learning from a millenary culture, you can eat the best of its gastronomic delights, without forgetting that you can also take a short walk around the city to celebrate at every point. Also celebrate this Chinese New Year in Mexico; it could be the beginning of a tradition so that at some point you celebrate as it should in the real China.

Total ecotourism in Chiapas

Climbing on Chiapas

Ecotourism is currently one of the major tourist trends in the world, and is that this activity is carried out trying not to alter, or failing to alter the minimum nature to preserve the ecosystems, fauna and flora found here. Motivating a sustainable development with which, in addition to the tourist can enjoy the attractions, communities can benefit from income from tourism, and quite a few travelers who take one of the flights to Chiapas looking to follow this type tourism, because the state has many places for all kinds of ecotourism activities.

Climbing and Rappelling

There are several places where you can practice these sports, but none compares with the Sima de las Cotorras, a place that you have probably heard about since it is a large cave over 100 meters deep, inside which are beautiful green and blue parrots. Where there are also cave paintings, here are tours to practice the descent or climbing and another place is known as La Venta River Canyon, whose highest wall measures about 400 meters.

Organic Coffee Tasting

Without a doubt, Chiapas coffee is one of the best in the world, prepared in the high mountains of the Chiapaneca highlands. There are places where coffee is literally cut from the sky, one of which is Finca Hamburgo, which also offers lodging options and visits to coffee plantations.

Tasting Coffee

Mountain biking


There are several places to practice Mountain Biking in the State of Chiapas; one of them is the Sumidero Canyon itself, the Lacandon Forest on the Tapachula side, in the coffee farms like Finca Argovia, which has beautiful mountainous landscapes and the La Changa ecotouristic center, where there are paths that lead you through canyons and cliffs.



If you like to explore the bowels of the earth, then you should know that Chiapas is characterized by having a huge number of caves; several of them are difficult to access and only for experienced spelunkers. Others are very accessible and interesting, since they were in their time, places considered sacred by the Mayan Lacandon Indians. An example is the Caves of San Francisco near Comitán, they are a Natural wonder in which they inhabit insects, birds, endemic plants and thousands of bats.


Chiapas is full of rivers and lagoons where you can practice this sport, but you have to be careful if you do it alone, since some rivers in the rainy season have rapids and are not suitable for novices. One of the best sites for your practice is the Sumidero Canyon, the Montebello Lagoons or, in Ecotourism Centers such as Las Guacamayas, Las Nubes or El Castaño that has beautiful mangroves.