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Leader: Dangerous and irresponsible – VG

ALLIES: Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin in a close conversation at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow on May 24. Photo: PRESS SERVICE/HANDOUT PRESIDENT BELARUS / EPA / NTB Vladimir Putin wants to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus and

Weather phenomena: – Cloud pump outside Jæren:

– It’s a bit surprising that this is happening now, and it’s not a very common phenomenon. This is what Eldbjørg Moksnes, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, told Dagbladet after seeing an image showing a cloud pump in the

Teen stuck in baby swing

A teenage girl is trapped in a swing at kindergarten and needs help to free herself. Firefighters extinguished at 5:30 p.m. after receiving reports of the accident. At 18:50 firefighters wrote that the girl had been released from the swing.