Barbora Psztorov: Metternich believes in women’s political skills

In the spring of 1789, Metternich witnessed a revolutionary day in Trasburg, where he was studying. Was it a defining moment for his life and politics?
Exactly right. Metternich had personal experience with the horrors of the revolutionary regime in France and the subsequent revolutions and Napoleonic uprisings. He never forgot being forced to leave his home in Porno because of French soldiers and his personal encounter with wolves near Leipzig. Personal experiences with the crowds that besieged Verwendung in 1789 at Trasbury Town Hall and the 1814 election at Pai, when Allied troops were stationed there, were decisive for him. he was struck by how quickly the French people mistook Vive Napoleon for Vive le Roi, and how masses were sold. When he remembers the revolution, he does not remember equality, freedom and fraternity, but the victims of the political terror and power ambitions of the French Republic, the consulship and division. In his eyes, the revolutionary French were troublemakers who ruined civilized Europe. It is therefore not surprising that he became a major opponent of the revolution and of Napoleon Bonaparte, to whom he contributed.

Metternich did not choose his employer well. All are economically independent women who can freely choose how and where they want to spend their lives, as long as they don’t have to follow a service mantle.

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