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This is the first time this type of film has been shot indoors. What Yulia Peresild will do in front of the camera is the essence of film drama «Challenge».

Movies had been filmed in the room before, but there was no drama. Space films have hitherto been purely documentaries like «Beautiful Planet“And”Hubble». They are based on video clips taken by astronauts.

THE CREW: Actor Yulia Peresild, cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov and film director Klim Shipenko.


Today, director Klim Sjipenko has been sent into the room with Peresild. She is not only responsible for directing, but also lighting, camera, sound, and makeup.

Must be a doctor

Peresild and Sjipenko will shoot enough material to cover 35 to 40 minutes of the film. The plot is that a cosmonaut on the space station becomes seriously ill, but he is not stable enough to return to Earth for treatment.

Surgeon Zhenya (Peresild) is trained in a short time to travel to space. There he will perform complex heart surgery on ailing cosmonauts.

RUSSIAN SUPER STAR: Yulia Peresild has starred in more than 30 films.

RUSSIAN SUPER STAR: Yulia Peresild has starred in more than 30 films.

Two professional cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dubrov will be in the film. They were already on the space station. One of them is being a sick cosmonaut. It was likely Novitsky. He will be with the two filmmakers when they return to Earth on October 17.

International Space Station (ISS) crew members attend a training session at the Baikonur . Cosmodrome

cramped: Peresild during training in a spaceship. The space inside the small capsule will be shared with professional cosmonauts and film directors.

Photo: Andrey Shelepin/gctc/roscosmos / Reuters

Almost completely trained

In May this year, the 37-year-old actress and 38-year-old director began training. He was already in great shape, but he had to lose fifteen kilos to fit in the spacesuit.

Image from the International Space Station showing cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky.

GO HERE: This is the Russian Zvezda module on the International Space Station. The cosmonaut in the picture is Oleg Novitsky who will play a role in the film.

Photo: Nasa

They are trained in emergency procedures and what it takes to control the spacecraft if one of the professional astronauts on board is knocked out. Both filmmakers have been awarded the title of travel engineer.

They left Earth on October 5th on a ship Soyuz MS-19.


Opposition to the project was strong. The Russian state contributed with spacecraft, rockets, logistics and training. These are resources that could be used for other things in Russia’s space program.

Crew members attend a training session ahead of an expedition to the International Space Station in Star City

ADVERTISEMENT: Russian authorities support the film because it aims to promote the country’s space program.

Photo: Andrey Shelepin/gctc/roscosmos / Reuters

The commander of the astronaut corps in Russia, the legend of the cosmonaut Sergei Krikalevlost his job after he set his sights on stopping the trip to Peresild. After violent protests from another cosmonaut, Krikalev got his job back.

Russian space agency Roskosmos support production for several reasons. Management believed that the film would motivate young people to become cosmonauts, that the space program would get a lot of publicity and that the actual implementation of the film was a realistic exercise to quickly send people into space.

Weightless Tom Cruise in The Mummy

WEIGHTLESS BEFORE: If Tom Cruise steps out of the room, he will experience something he has never experienced before. This is an image from the film The Mummy where Cruise shoots a dramatic scene in a weightless state. It is carried out on a special aircraft that is also used by astronauts during their training.

Photo: Universal Image

Americans come after

It is hoped that another film will be shot on the International Space Station. It was none other than superstar Tom Cruise who should have agreed to play the lead role.

When this will happen is now really uncertain. When the then head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, congratulated Cruise on his role last year, the actor was planning to go into space in October this year.

The company Axiom Space is responsible for the trip itself. They lease rockets and spacecraft from SpaceX, and NASA has approved the use of the space station. First trip to Axiom Space happened as planned in February of next year, and Tom Cruise wasn’t with him.

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