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On Friday, April 7, Stanisław Żaryn, presenting himself as secretary of state in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, deputy coordinating minister of special services and government plenipotentiary for information space security of the Republic of Poland, published a collection of observations, which he himself called a “situational report”. . In it, he makes several comments about Russian disinformation.

“Situation report” on Russian disinformation

From the “reports” mentioned above, we learn that Russia “continues to disclose information about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus.” The development of this thread is getting stronger and should be an element of psychological pressure for Western decision makers and society.

“The formal basis of Russia’s psychological pressure on the free world is the new concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation announced by V. Putin. The document legitimizes Russia’s actions aimed at polarizing and paralyzing the West,” Żaryn explained.

“In Russian-controlled communication channels, Poland remains one of the main targets of intimidation. The Russian narrative contains threats of a nuclear strike on Polish cities and visions of Poland’s certain defeat in the event of a confrontation with the Russian Federation, he added.

Russia persuaded Poland to want Ukrainian land

According to the deputy minister, Russia’s influence apparatus is also constantly trying to convince public opinion in various countries to falsify theses about Poland’s aspirations to occupy western Ukraine and the Grodno region, and even the “kinetic strike in the Kaliningrad region”.

The plenipotentiary government also reminded that Russia is still carrying out psychological and informational activities aimed at reducing the willingness of NATO members to support Ukraine with weapons supplies. On social networking sites, Russia promotes the vision that helping Ukraine is “prolonging” war and suffering.

Russia stubbornly repeated about the political, social and economic “consequences of helping Ukraine”. At the same time, he manipulated and lied, suggesting, among other things, that aiding Ukraine had negative consequences for Western countries, and even for Ukraine itself.

Belarusian propaganda harmonizes with Russian propaganda

“Belarusian propaganda has intensified information activities highlighting the deaths of migrants on the border with Poland. The photos of the bodies and the disinformation about the bodies released by the Polish border services is a continuation of the activities carried out so far in the psychological realm,” continued Żaryn.

“On the other hand, Minsk’s influence apparatus directs some of its operations to the sensitivities of sections of Polish society to provoke incidents and instill false narratives that can deepen social polarization in Poland,” he said.

“The anti-system circle in the Republic of Poland is centered around organizations pretending to be pacifists increasing their involvement in informational activities written into the Russian Federation’s propaganda goals and promoting the opposition to support Ukraine’s defense efforts” – he added.

Żaryn also warned about the problem of disinformation that information space monitoring showed an increase in the number of German publications linking anti-Semitism with Poland, the persecution of Jews during World War II and alleged clumsiness of Polish authorities in environmental protection issues.

War report in Ukraine
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