Bielan: I urge my colleagues to focus on what they have in common. Implementation of their demands will mean Poland leaves the EU – ZET Radio Guest 5.12.2022

This is his answer to Zbigniew Ziobro’s interview in the weekly “Sieci”. The Minister of Justice criticized the Prime Minister at the European Union forum. In his opinion, the Union of the Right would have collapsed long ago – after the decision of Mateusz Morawiecki – if it were not for the fact that Donald Tusk was able to take power in Poland. – I remember how the current Solidarna Polska politicians attacked the late Lech Kaczyński. Their gentle Polexit line is nothing new MEP comments. When asked by Bogdan Rymanowski if coalition partners would favor Polexit, the Republican leader replied: I don’t think that the whole party has this agenda, although when one reads the statements of some politicians, the consequence of implementing their demands will be Poland’s exit from the EU, obviously. According to Bielan, Solidarna Polska politicians “sometimes cross boundaries” through their posts on social media. ZET Radio guests believed the altercation on United Right was completely “unnecessary”. – I am sure that we will start together said the politician.

Adam Bielan emphasized that “the disintegration of the United Right will most likely pave the way for both the power left and the liberals.” – We have to focus on what connects. Only together can we stop the leftists and the liberals in power – exclaimed the ZET Radio guests. According to him, more united them than divided them. – If we look at the vote acquisition in parliament, 99 percent of us voted together added the politician.

“There is something wrong with the Sejm’s work organization. Failure like this should not have happened to us.”

Final vote and Zbigniew Ziobro’s defeat? Adam Bielan believes that all of this was caused by the poor organization of the work of the Sejm. – It is bad for the work organization of the Sejm if the voting planned days in advance is postponed day by day. If we postpone the vote from 9:00 am Friday to Thursday afternoon, many ministers, including the Prime Minister, will have other responsibilities – commented guest Bogdan Rymanowski. We must remain present. Failure like this should not have happened to us Biela added.

Technical government? – I can not imagine. In Polish conditions, the minority government does not work, they cannot do anything about it – trusted the leader of the Republican Party and added:- I’m sure we will defend Minister Ziobro. The politician announced that United Right would “behave in solidarity with colleagues from Solidarna Polska”.

Short ball: I’m sorry that Michał Kaminski left the right

– United Right doesn’t make sense without Zbigniew Ziobro? – asked Bogdan Rymanowski.

… well, yes, yes – answered Adam Bielan.

To win the election – we have to hide President Kaczyński? asked the leader.

No – evaluates politicians.

President Kaczyński often visits my family and we talk about the position of head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for me in the next government? the host asked.

No – said a guest of Radio ZET.

Michał Kamiński is a great campaign specialist and I regret that he is no longer advising us? asked the reporter.

Do I regret leaving the right wing? Yes – admits Kaminski’s former partner.

To this day, I feel sorry for Gowin and I’m sorry he found himself in such a difficult situation? Rymanowski asked.

I’m sorry that he found himself in a difficult situation, but I have no regrets. I warned him not to do it Bielan said.

Adam Bielan in Donald Tusk: A man full of hate, wolf eyes, looking for revenge. He blocked the departure of the late President Kaczyński

– Civil war politics huh [grozi Polsce po wygranej opozycji – red.] – rated Adam Bielan in the online section of the program “Gość Radio ZET” and added that he talked about it a week ago [przed prezesem PiS – red.]. – Civil war, namely the lack of cooperation between Prime Minister Tusk and President Duda. What happened in 2007-2010 pales in comparison to what Tusk will do when he returns to power now, a vindictive, hating man. MEPs said. According to Bielan, in 2007–2010 Donald Tusk “fought a vicious war against the late President Lech Kaczyński. – Had Tusk made his decision, President Kaczyński would not have visited Georgia. He did not want to give the plane to the president. It wasn’t until after President Bush’s statement that he would provide the vice president’s plane that this visit actually took place. Tusk blocked the departure of the late President Kaczyński – said guest Bogdan Rymanowski. According to the Republican chairman, the PO chairman was “a hateful man, for it was enough to look into his famous wolf eyes to see that he was an even more hateful man.” – Let’s answer the question, if there is an ordinary war behind us, can we endure more than 2 years of war between the prime minister and the president? I don’t think so – added Adam Bielan and appealed to Poles to consider this in the upcoming elections.

opposition sympathizers? “People are often on the verge of madness”

– The degree of hatred of some opposition voters towards PiS and the degree of aversion of some PiS voters towards PO politicians – the first tier is much higher and is largely the responsibility of PO politicians – said a guest of Radio ZET. According to him, “it was clear from this crowd, hateful people, that these people were often on the verge of madness.” Bielan recalled that in 2010 a former PO member killed a PiS member.

Will Beata Szydło join Solidarna Polska? – Never heard of it. I don’t know where this rumor came from. I can not imagine. I didn’t know that Ziobro teased anyone from PiS. There is a provision in the coalition agreement which states that there may be no transfers within United Right. If a person moves from party to party, he cannot run for three years – said a guest of Radio ZET.

When asked about the statement by the president of PiS about doctors who think too much about money, Adam Bielan said that most likely the statement was taken out of context. – The profession of a doctor is a special profession. It is clear that doctors should earn well, if only so that they do not leave. The process of training new doctors is very expensive for the Polish state – evaluating ZET Radio guests.

What do you appreciate most about MP Mejza? In addition to MP’s mandate asked internet users.

Mejza is a very brave person. I’ve only known him for 1.5 years, so I don’t want to judge his character. He’s a man of war Billan commented.

Macron on how the West should weigh how to respond to Russia’s need for security guarantees if Putin agrees to negotiate an end to the war? – Terrible statement. Paris and Berlin returned to Putin’s appeasement policy

If Putin does not lose this war, comes out victorious, defends his territorial advantages, returns to the negotiating table with world leaders, then after a while he will start again. He will lick his wounds, but after a few years Russia will move further west – MEP comments.

Why were we able to vote for amendment after amendment in the EP, and then all resolutions, while in the Polish Parliament the opposition blocked the adoption of these resolutions by withdrawing the ballots and violating the quorum? – asked the ZET Radio guest. – In the EP, we also adopted an amendment linking the Smolensk crash with the downing of a Malaysian airline plane. Macierewicz did not use the word “attack” in the amendment. It is written about the Smolensk catastrophe and the responsibility of the Russian state he added.


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