Council members sharply criticize textbooks on History and the Present

The councilor sharply criticized the History and Present textbooks & the midpoint photo

Bielsko . board member Dariusz Michasiow during the city council’s August session, he stated that “the whole of Poland has been alive for several weeks with plans to introduce a new textbook for secondary schools by the PiS government, entitled History and the Present“.

This book covers the years 1945-1979. This publication was prepared by former PiS MEP prof. Roszkowski. The Ministry of National Education, when writing the core curriculum, appointed a group of experts and that was the three members of the PiS board, while the remaining people were members of the Honorary Committee Lech Kaczyński. Of the seven experts, only one represented the Central Examining Commission. In my opinion, these are school textbooks for subjects newly discovered by the PIS whose aim is to politicize education. History is a science. In science, it is very important to show a different position, opinion or view – appoint board members.

As he emphasized, “It seems incomprehensible that the Minister of Education is trying to impose his own interpretation of events on children and youth

I have the impression that the current PiS government is trying to instill its ideology in youth at all costs. The contents of this book correspond to the ideological interpretation of the ruling party, with its internal and external policies and with indications of who is enemy and who is friend. Mr. Prof. In her publications, Roszkowski presents every view of the left as left, comparing feminism to Stalinism, criticizing the LGBT community, in vitro, parents raising their own children and broken families. – said Dariusz Michasiów.

He also added that (Prof. Roszkowski-editor’s note) “it also introduces a sinister narrative that aims to make our western neighbor Germany feel guilty for years over the tragedy of World War II. Mr Roszkowski demands war damages 77 years after the end of all activities“.

Failing to notice that Germany is currently our biggest ally in the EU and a major trading partner in the world. Especially a lot of emotion in the professor’s book from the PiS club is caused by page 226, where the author condemns “the production of children in the laboratory that he spilled using the method of in vitro fertilization.” the textbook should not be called a textbook at all and should not be accepted in school. I hope and firmly believe that this book will not be recommended for study by teachers and principals in Bielsko-Biała – trust board members,

And on behalf of the parents of children attending Bielsko-Biała, as well as in himself, as the father of school-age children, he asks the mayor to look after “for peace in schools in such a way that teachers can professionally implement the core curriculum of new subjects without politicizing education, and the opportunity is offered by an objective selection of alternative textbooks that have already appeared in the public sphere and do not represent only the far right views of the PiS party.“.

We will return to the topic.

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