Big fear for Jiří Krampol’s health: He was not allowed to leave the house for two months

Doctors advised popular actor Jiří Krampol to stay at home until the end of February. Krampol’s health has been bothering him a lot recently, although he is feeling much better now, he could easily catch a cold from a flu epidemic. Thus, the actor canceled all planned events and separated from the world for two months.

The end of the year was difficult for Jiří Krampol, as he spent his holidays and New Year’s Eve in the hospital, even ending up in the intensive care unit. However, he told his fans, who were very worried about him, that he was feeling fit again after such a long time. “I’m fine, I got a flu shot today. My hoarse voice is over, so I’m better. I wasn’t allowed to go out with people for two months.” he confided in the editors of on Wednesday.

The actor’s health is very vulnerable to any kind of germs, so he has no choice but to respect the recommendations. “I have to save it because if I catch something it will be fatal for me” Krampol explained that even a minor illness would be very dangerous for him at this time.

“I have to cancel everything until the end of February. I don’t know how I will be in two months. If I don’t get sick, which I’m not feeling at the moment, everything will return to normal. I could easily do something at this time, but the professor is scared if I being around people, I could catch something. There are viruses everywhere.” representatives of many legendary roles expressed what doctors recommended to him.

Although Jiří Krampol was not allowed to see anyone for several weeks, he was not bored at home and worked honestly on a new project. “I am currently preparing two books and we are preparing a script for a new film,” explained the actor who is known to many people for a number of roles.

Jiří Krampol remembers his friend Josef Abrhám. Watch the video:

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