Biker Kulhav finishes in Jablonné for the European Bronze Marathon

Update: 19/06/2022 15:56

Jablonné v Podještědí (Liberec) – Jaroslav Kulhav won bronze at the European Mountain Bike Marathon Championship at Jablonné v Podještědí. The title was won by Italy’s Fabian Rabensteiner, where the Olympic cross-country gold and silver medalist lost two minutes and 20 seconds on the 100-kilometer track. Pole Krzystrof Lukasik, who was half a minute behind the winner, finished second.

“It broke down on the most difficult climb into the woods, where the first two boys twitched a bit. I was a little bit hopeful that I could still reach them on the slopes, but Rabensteiner, who is a great downhill skier, just picked on there, so I was more or less there. “I’m not driving anything. I then drove the last 35 kilometers alone, which might be a bit of a disadvantage in those winds, but still satisfying,” said Kulhavý.

The heat makes it difficult for competitors to fight over the track. “It was tough. In the end, my leg pulled quite a bit. I don’t know if it was a cramp or something. I drive carefully and don’t step on it too much. I don’t know what it’s like in the back. Me and a handicap might come. In ten kilometers Lastly, I’ve focused mainly on third place,” Kulhav said.

The 37-year-old biker added another success to his collection in his final professional season. In late May, he dominated the domestic marathon championship ahead of his favorite Martin Stošek, who lost the European Championship due to a spade fracture he recently suffered during the World Marathon Series race in Poland. Stošek should have defended bronze today.

“How would I react if someone told me before the season that I would win a domestic title and a bronze in Europe? It’s hard to say,” said Lame with a smile. “Of course I can believe it, but for me it’s all about health, which has been working since last year. And as soon as I trained what I needed, the performance was there. I’m really very satisfied. And now I’m still fat, so motivation I believe that his true form has not come. We will see in September, “said the native stí nad Orlicí who won all major titles in cross country and marathon, where he became world champion and European champion, during his career .

Natalia Fischerová of Spain won the women’s 90 kilometer race in the Malevil Cup almost five minutes ahead of Janina Wüstová of Switzerland. The best Czech in the European Championships was Karla těpánová in eighth place.

European Mountain Bike Marathon Championship in Jablonné v Podještědí (Liberec):

Men (100 km): 1. Rabensteiner (It.) 3:53:30, 2. Lukasik (POL) -29, 3. Glue -2:19, 4. Peter -4:53, 5. Emptiness -5:02, 9. Smoke noise (all CR) -9:23.

Women (90 km): 1. Fischerová (Šp.) 4:09:07, 2. Wüstová (Šv.) -4:59, 3. Peretti (It.) -7:44, … 8. těpanová -15:46, 12. Karásková Erbenova -22:51, 14. Kalašová (all CR) -26:38.

European mountain bike marathon

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