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According to Hospodářské noviny, the important employer Přerov Meopta opta is still the subject of a transaction that should lead to the sale of a major industrial group. About thirty companies should receive more detailed information on purchase options, before there was talk of strong interest from German company Carl Zeiss.

According to the website, Přerov’s giant in the field of manufacturing optical products for consumer, industrial and military use HN. cz has been dealing with possibly engaging new investors in the company for several months. The newspaper’s sources stated that German company Carl Zeiss attempted to take control of Meopta, but the transaction was ultimately shelved due to the extension of the negotiations.

“A new process was initiated. In it, strategic and financial investors were approached, and less than thirty of them received so-called teasers, that is, sales presentations. Carl Zeiss continued to be among them, but among those interested in buying Meopty , a new party with serious interest has appeared – the American investment fund Carlyle Group.” Claim noviny Hospodářské.

Consulting firm Deloitte, which is supposed to handle the transaction, as well as Meopta himself, did not comment on the ongoing negotiations. “Meopta – optical company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical systems. It supplies and develops for the world’s largest technology companies. Investors’ interest in our company is long-term. Meopta is also looking for suitable investment opportunities. We will not comment on anything specific or further this time.” said the Director General some time ago Alena Moore.

Five interested parties circled around a lucrative piece of land and the former Strojař hotel in Přerov. The abandoned building is now being used for police training, the opposition wants to thwart the city’s plans to sell it. A petition calling for a referendum has been signed by more than nine…

In 2021, Meopta in Přerov employs an average of 1,752 people. Although the company initially planned large-scale development and investment, due to global influences decided to reduce the number of employees, the Office of Labor registered notices of dismissal of up to two hundred workers. However, a comprehensive technology group focused not only on optical production, but also, for example, on the semiconductor or medical technology industries, should be an object of interest for investors.

For 2021, Meopta-optika reported a record net profit of 806.4 million crowns. Meopty’s profits increased nearly eightfold year-over-year during this period. Mainly due to higher demand for optoelectronics aimed at the semiconductor and dental medicine industries, the company reported sales of 3.675 billion crowns in 2021, which is an increase of one billion crowns year-over-year and also the highest in its history. At that time, Meopta-optika exported around 90 percent of its production to more than 70 countries. According to noviny Hospodářské sources, the company’s value could be between 17 and 22 billion crowns, and a transaction agreement can reportedly be reached in the first half of this year.

“This is a very attractive company that strategic and financial investors will show significant interest. For the first group, it will be interesting to buy knowledge with access to the company’s own customers. For the second, there will be room for consolidation of companies in the optical and semiconductor fields. I hope big names like Carlyle, CVC or Black Rock will show interest.” he told Marek RehbergerCEO Patria Corporate Finance.

Meopta-optika’s major shareholders have been Czech Americans for many years Paul Rausnitz. He died in 2018 at the age of 90. Since then, Přerov’s company has been owned by the nephew of the previous owner Gerald Rausnitz and his son David Rausnitz.

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